Friday, July 25, 2014

GlamGlow Review

What I'm raving about this week!!

GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexoliat Treatment - $69 for 1.7 oz. This is a great mask. I just can't seem to get a quality pic of this tiny sample! I've placed it next to a regular size chapstick only for scale.

I finally got a chance to try this. I was expecting a slight tingle. I'm fully aware of what a slight tingle feels like, and this was more like a burn. BUT, did not last long, about a half a second. Once it started drying the feeling completely went away. When you apply this, it feels like an exfoliate (i.e. sand). When you remove it, you are supposed to do so with water, in circular motions, which exfoliates your skin. This also has pieces of tea leaves in it, which kind of surprised me because I was not expecting this. I liked it though. The mud base formula is from the South of France, and actually feels good on the skin. This product is for all Ages & Skin Types. You can use twice a week or simply when you need to apply a mask.

I'm always skeptical when a product says fast results. But I really did feel a difference. And here I am hours later, and I still feel like this was awesome. My skin has been really smooth since I did the treatment. I was a little red just after, but that did not last long. I followed with a face serum and moisturizer, to calm my skin down. My face still feels great several hours later.

Just before posting, I have now read this product contains Lavender. Which I always have a reaction to. SO, this means the stinging and the redness afterwards could have been caused by my allergies. I may never know the answer to that. Either way, my face feels so smooth. My sample size has enough for one more application, and I'll be using this again in a couple days.