Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Conscious Box May 2014 Review

Back in April I purchased a Living Social voucher for $25 for three months of conscious box Classic Plus. I have received two boxes so far and just now getting around to reviewing them, its been a little hectic in my schedule lately to say the least! Sorry for the late reviews!

The first item is a BioBag 3 Gallon Bag. This bag is for getting rid of your food waste and its a completely compostable bag made from plants, vegetable oils, and Mater-Bi. This is pretty cool! I have ben thinking about garbage bags a lot lately (weird I know) but I was wondering if biodegradable ones exist, and then it showed up! On amazon it is $7.35 for a package of 25 of the 3 gallon bags and $60 for 144 of the 13 gallon ones. These are twice as expensive than the regular plastic ones from the grocery store. For the price alone I probably won't be buying them for my house but I love that the green technology is starting to spring up! I really hope they can become more affordable over time.

I love getting healthy snacks in boxes lately because my job is on the go and you never get to sit down for a lunch so I need easy to eat snacks. I am excited to try the Cherry Pie Larabar! I also don't eat as many vegetables and fruits as I should so I am looking forward to trying the Vitamin D Gummies. I also cannot eat vitamins as they make me sick to my stomach within minutes except for gummy ones so I was super happy they came in gummy form!

The choice organic tea will be given away as tea gives me migraines.

The Flents Biodegedable lens wipes will be put to use! These are pre-miostened streak free wipes that   can be used to clean sunglasses, cell phones and laptops. my glasses get gross in the summer from all my sunscreen and makeup!

Crystal Body Deodorant Toweletts- these are getting thrown in my purse! Summer time is the season of sweating so excited to see these. I have used crystal deodorant before when I was having sensitivities to heavy metals in deodorants.

Pangea Organics eye cream- this is a line so feting rose and white tea cream.

Again, happy to see a yummy snack!!

Serengtee fabric swatch- I was super confused by this unit I read the booklet and realized it was a swatch. Purchase of a tee goes to global causes.

spatone purasorb iron- I am needed to add some iron to my diet! hopefully I can stomach this.

Weleda Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner-Yay shampoo and conditioner!

Ecover dishwasher tablets- I just got a pack of tablets from the honest company so I am excited to try this two against each other!

This is a full size beverage! it is organic and made with agave and sparkling water.

I also received some coupons.

There were two items that did not get pictured and they were:
Barberas' Bakery Snackimals vanilla blast-These were so good! I love Barbera's Bakery products and will buy again!
San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee- This came in a K-cup and mom tried it and said it was pretty good. They are a sustainable gourmet coffee that come in 97% biodegradable cups. 

Overall with the LS voucher I am happy to try out conscious box! I am loving the new products I am getting introduced to!