Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Style Box by SocialBliss June 2014 Review

I actually received this June box while I was out traveling. I'm just so behind on posts.
I know, I know, I say it every month. Hello Gorgeous. Never. Gets. Old.
Boho Chic is the theme this month. This is the first look.
The Peruvian Warrior Ring. This ring is unique and has a vintage style. K called it immediately.
Yup. On her hand immediately.
Fated Bliss Kimono Wrap - Love. The info card showed us a couple different ways this can be worn, which is cool.
Ulta Super Shiny Lipgloss - in Whisper 16. I love the color.
Essie magnetic nail polish, in ssssexy. LOVE magnetic nail polish, super fun. Very happy to get this.
In Retro Spec Sunglasses - I can't find a link for these. But I do think they are cute. I wear prescription sunglasses, so I don't really collect them. But I would totally wear these if I did.

That's it for this month. I'm happy with this months box. I will be taking a break from this monthly box for awhile, but we shall see how long that actually lasts. Maybe through the end of summer.