Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beauty DNA August 2014 Review

My August Beauty DNA!If you haven't heard of Beauty DNA, then time to chck thenm out. They give a full size product each month. The cost is $25/mo. They do not guarantee the value of what you get, but mostly I've received around $60-$80. The one month I got a lower priced item, they sent me two items. I have so far loved everything I have gotten from them. I have discovered a couple of brands I had not heard of, and would not have thought to try for myself. You fill out a survey of things you like and do not like. They use the technology to match you to a product. You get a card that states why the product was matched for you.

Perfecting neck & décolleté $60- This is a moisturizer specifically for the neck and décolleté. I would never have bought this for myself. But I'm looking forward to trying it. I was just reading up on the reviews and folks are really liking it. 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Lays Cappuccino Potato Chips Review

What I'm raving about this week!

I'm not so thrilled with the new variations of Lay's potato chips. I kinda like the classics. Original, Sour Cream, BBQ, etc.... Besides, this isn't Oreo's, so I'm not so sure what's up with all the funky flavors lately. With that said, I have to say, this was kind of a nice treat. It's a mixture of sweet/salty, and that's always a hit with me! I will not go as far as to say these the potato and cappuccino complement each other. They don't. There is a slight aftertaste of coffee, and since I'm a fan of coffee, I don't think that's too bad. 

Sunday Treats - Oreos Caramel Apple Review

What I'm Raving About This Week!

Oreo's Caramel Apple
I'm a huge fan of the Limited Edition Oreo's. I love seeing/trying the different wild flavors. We don't exactly eat an entire bag around this house. BUT, we love trying out the new flavors. We are still a little sore we missed out on the Root Beer Float Oreos, as our local Target never got them. These Limited Edition Caramel Apple Oreo's can be found only at Target, $2.99.
They are made on a Golden Oreo. Unlike the pic, they are better described as a layer of green apple filling with a layer of the caramel brown filling directly on top of it. The golden vanilla Oreo was a good call for this flavor, chocolate would have distracted the taste.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glossybox August 2014 Review

GlossyBox! Welcome! So happy to see you! Last day of the month. Again. But you made it! This is the 3rd anniversary of GlossyBox. There was a personalized message this month on the info card from Founder and Global CEO Charles von Abercron. He is personally thanking me for my loyalty and believing in GlossyBox. And I'm a believer.
 Back to the pink box. Which I love.
 Always classy with the ribbon. 
 LOVE the GlossyBox printed tissue paper. Just special!
 First Looks! All prices quoted below are the full size price!
Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo $23.90 & Conditioner $25.90 - I would have done these in one pic, but I shoot in the order in which I pull out, and I do not read the comment cards ahead of time. At first I thought I got tow of the same product, but then realized it was shampoo and conditioner. Often times, in sub boxes, we get one or the other, so I'm thrilled to be getting both together. This is SULFATE FREE! And is also supposed to be able to foam, so that will be interesting to see. I'm thrilled to get something sulfate free for my color treated hair to throw in my travel bag.
Sparitual nail lacquer, Magnify $12, Full size included this month. This is free of a bunch of bad stuff. This color is a bright pink and this pic does not do it justice. Neither does the link I found online. Or, maybe it's just my computer? The Application Tip included: don't be afraid to use various shades on one hand for a one-of-a-kind manicure that reflects your creativity. I like getting tips, and this is something I can admit I had not thought of. 
Eyeko Skinny mini Liquid Eyeliner - $16 - I think it's full size? Also, I just had Lasik surgery. I'm really having a tough time figuring out when my pics are blurry and when it's just my eyes trying to adjust. So, bear with me. OR, try just clicking the link I added, you can usually trust marketing. This, I love. I'm a huge fan of skinny eyeliners, and an even bigger fan of liquid eyeliners, so this is a win for me.
 Kryolan Highlighter in Cashmere - $18.95 I've included separate pics because it's needed to appreciate the packaging is especially for GlossyBox this month. Love! You can use this highlighter on cheekbones, eyes, or wherever the light catches. I'm a fan of highlighters, and although I usually use liquid ones, what I like about this is it's a solid cream.
Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream - $85 Paraben Free. This is supposed to help firm your skin, and make you look younger. It's an anti-aging cream, and I'm a fan of anything anti-aging nowadays. It will improve the elasticity and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles.

The info card included a sneak peak of products to come in future months.
September - Benefit Real (mascara? possibly?)
October - Nails Inc
November - Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer (I've never gotten a juice beauty product, and I really want this!!)

Very happy with this months box, and really looking forward to the coming months. If you are interested in GlossyBox, please email, and we will send you an invite! It's $21/month if you do the month-to-month plan.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dial Coconut Water Antibacterial Foaming Soap

What I'm raving about this week!

I just found this new Dial Coconut Water Antibacterial Foaming soap at Target, and wanted to smell it. The only way to do that was to purchase and try it. I paid $1.67, which is the price range I would expect to pay.

It looks clear, but when you dispense it, it comes out as a white foam. It really does smell like coconut, and I'm loving it. It also feels just as clean as Dial soaps make you feel.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lasik Surgery - What to expect

I have started this post, and will continue to update as I have more news.

I just had Lasik Surgery and I'm sharing a little about my experience for those of you who are considering it. If you are near Bellevue, WA, let me know and I can give you a referral. This will get you 20% off, and they will send me a referral check for $50.

I did a little research, and I kind of knew what to expect. I had looked into this about 15 years ago. I answered one of the ads for the $199 per eye at the Lasik Vision Institute, and discovered that only applies to a very limited number of folks. Basically, those who don't really need the surgery. You can expect to pay around $3,000 - $4,000, realistically. I went to the free consultation, and it was high pressure sales to commit to spending thousands of dollars right then and there. I left disgusted. This time around, I knew what to expect regarding that aspect. In hindsight, it was a good thing I actually waited because my prescription had not yet stabilized. Which is important so you don't have regression later on. I went to the same company, but a different office. I picked the Bellevue WA office. I had researched it and the doctor has a good reputation. I didn't answer an ad, but I had received a $1,000 "coupon" from a trade show I had recently attended. The sales person said I won 2nd prize in a drawing.

August 2, 2014
I arrived at my free consultation. My sister came with me. She is definitely a source of comfort when doing anything scary. They had me fill out paperwork and watch a video of what happens during the procedure. The office was very clean and very friendly. They gave me a couple different types of eye exams, and told me I was a candidate for both Lasik or PRK. I had researched both and found out that PRK can be painful for awhile, so no way was I picking that option if Lasik was going to be an option. I was quoted $3,000 with another $200 for the lifetime warranty. They did not seem to know about the "coupon" I had won. When I inquired, they asked me if I had attended a 5k race recently, I'm guessing they were doing a promotion at the race. I corrected them but they insisted the discount was already included. And assured me they would make sure this was reflected in my paperwork. Basically, they made sure the amount I was being billed was still going to be $3,000. Every person I spoke to in the waiting room was quoted the exact same price, so I know there is no sliding scale based on your prescription. One guy in the waiting room had answered a $299 per eye email he had gotten the very night before, and was still quoted the same amount. I had done my research and already knew this was the price I would be getting anywhere around here, so this game didn't annoy me near as much as it would have if I'd been unprepared. I'll probably still complain to the sales person who said I "won", but I don't anticipate it will change anything. You may be wondering at this point why I would still do business with a company with such deceptive marketing. Well, the office staff really made me feel comfortable, it was very low pressure, and I really got the impression they knew what they were doing. And what you want to keep in mind when considering this surgery is that you want to look for a competent doctor, the marketing department are not the ones performing the surgery. This doctor has done over 60K surgeries, and the team was really great.

The Bellevue clinic doesn't perform Lasik every day, but the doctor was there that day. They told me I could get in same day if I would like. I chose not to, because I really wanted just information and wanted to give it some thought. I made an appointment for a couple weeks later. I wish I had just done it all the same day however. All that did was give me a couple weeks to build up worse case scenarios in my mind. Most of the staff had already had the surgery done on themselves, and were able to answer questions. Surprisingly, the Office Manager was the person who was best at alleviating my fears. Obviously, everyone's biggest concern is coming out blind. That's impossible because your sight is about two inches back in your head, and the laser only goes about the depth that's just slightly bigger than a hair. I had to research this myself when I got home, and found out there has never been a reported case in the US of someone going blind from the surgery. They gave me a couple prescriptions to come back with. One was an anti-anxiety, which I knew I would definitely need.

August 22, 2014
Surgery Day
I arrived at my appointment that morning. I had chosen to not have my eyes dilated for an exam on my previous visit, because I wanted the information to be as up to date as possible on the day of the surgery. Also, what was the point of going through that if I decided to back out, and there was a good chance I would. This morning, however, I was determined to go through with it, but also a little freaked out. They did the exam, and assured me everything looked great and I could move forward. I had to wait a couple hours so that my eyes were no longer dilated. My sister and I went to lunch. Good Chinese food across the street, FYI.

They had me fill out some more paperwork. It was kind of a blur because there was so much information. But, I had remembered from my research a warning about the Lifetime Warranty, which was an extra $200. I asked questions only because I had read this warning ahead of time, but pointing this out or explaining what you are signing is not part of their regular routine. You must have your eye exams every single year, including being dilated, or the warranted is void forever. They will provide the exam in their office each year for $99. You are also allowed to go to your regular doctor as long as the results are sent to them in a timely manner. I asked what a timely manner meant, but the girl did not know and said she had never been asked that before.

After the paperwork I was allowed to take the anti-anxiety pill, as you cannot provide a signature if you had taken it first. They had me wait at least 15 minutes for it to kick in.

They gave us the option to have my sister in the room while the surgery was taking place. We decided it would be best if she waited outside in the waiting room directly outside the room they perform the procedures in. I would not be able to be in the room while someone else was doing this either. There was a guy ahead of me, he also had his friend there. I timed him, he was in/out in 12 minutes. His friend was an idiot. He wanted to spend the 12 minutes discussing the Final Destination movie and how someone had died in the middle of this procedure, and then wanted to talk about exactly what happens during the procedure. I kept changing the subject, ignoring his comments, and I tried only talking to my sister. He wasn't taking the hints so I finally just told him to shut up. He thankfully did.

The surgery was very quick. I was in and out of that room in less than 15 minutes. They had me sit in a regular chair and did an eye exam first. Then you lay down in the surgery chair. They do their prep work, do the Lasik, and you return to the first chair for another eye exam for them to check the work.  All in less than 15 minutes. My team consisted of the doctor, and two helpers. Every one of them knew their roles and you could tell they had done this quite often. Every one of them had very reassuring soft spoken confident voices, and that really helped. They asked me if I wanted a Teddy Bear. I did. I could feel myself panicking when they got started. I informed them of this, but I was able to keep my voice steady. My heart was really racing. At one point I demanded someone get over there and hold my hand, and one guy did it very quickly. It actually helped. He told me I could squeeze as hard as I needed to, just keep my head still. I had to be told to be still twice. They told me there would be a point where everything went black, and that could last a few seconds. It was not even one second on the first eye, and I didn't even notice on the second eye. The hardest part is not being able to get away from it. When I have to do something I'm uncomfortable with, but know I have to stay still, I can always close my eyes and go into my own little world. Like getting stitches or drawing blood. You have the option to concentrate on something else and just not watch. So, the hardest part of this was there was no getting away from it. But it is over quite quickly, so that really helped. You just concentrate on the orange light and then it's over. I don't know what I looked like, but when I came out of the room my sister immediately insisted I get the dark glasses on right away.

My vision was foggy. I wore the dark glasses all the way home. I went and took a short nap like I was told to. When I woke up I was still a little foggy, and could not read. I have to take different drops 4 X day. One is an antibiotic, which I only have to do for the first week, the other is to keep the swelling down, and I have to use that one for 3 weeks. I have had zero swelling that I can notice, so I guess it's working. I don't know which one it is, but after a couple of minutes I can taste it in my throat and it is horrible. I'm drinking a lot of water about a minute after I use the drops. In the paperwork they gave me, there was a notice to start using Systane Preservative Free Single Use drops, at least every hour for the first week. I wish they had stressed this to me before I left the clinic. Not only did I not pick them up, but I was really feeling like dry eyes and needed them. I could not drive, but my daughter went and picked them up for me. They cost $17 for 24 applications, I have already picked up another box and can anticipate I will need several more before the week is out. These need to be used constantly, every 30-60 minutes, as your eyes cannot keep themselves moist right now.

I realized later that night that I had not received one single copy of anything I had signed. I would need to remember to add this to the list of things for my follow up appointment.

Later that night I watched a TV program, without glasses, and was starting to notice I can see better. But I was pretty tired, so other than verifying I could see the TV I didn't really watch much. The clinic gave me a pair of goggles, which I am supposed to wear every single time I sleep for the next week. I thought they would bother me, but they don't at all, I sleep just fine. The goggles are to prevent you from trying to rub your eyes while you are asleep. I don't think I do that anyway, but I'm definitely wearing them to be safe.

August 23
1st Day Checkup
I woke up this morning and could see my alarm clock. From far away. It was the most amazing thing. I just started walking around looking at stuff. I called my sister and told her I could probably take myself the follow up appointment. She thought it would be best if she drove, since it was a very bright sunny day and she was concerned the brightness would bother me. It was the right call. I kept the dark glasses on every minute while outside and the brightness is a little annoying. But I can see the way I could with my glasses. Just as far, and just as sharp. I could see pine needles on trees, and the bird hiding in the branches behind other branches. All I can think is why didn't I do this years ago.

They gave me another vision test. Part of me was secretly hoping for bionic eyesight, but that didn't happen. I came out 20/15 and I hope I get to keep this. They said some folks will continue to get better and can get to 20/10. That would be awesome. The doctor came in and did his exam. He said that there is a chance over the next couple of weeks that there could be times over the next couple of weeks where my vision will not be as clear as it is today. Not to worry, that is normal and is part of the healing process. It will return to where it is supposed to be. I already have a dry spot on my left eye, and he stressed the important of continuing to use those Systane Preservative Free drops as often as possible. I did do the punctual plugs during surgery, which is supposed to help with dry eyes. He said if my eye starts feeling painful, then it means a problem. He also told me it could take a couple days before swelling to start, because the eye is now reacting very slowly. Basically, it takes a while for the eye to know it is supposed to start healing itself. Everything was looking good and I have to return for another check up in a week. I remembered to ask for copies of everything I had signed the day before, and they looked confused but they did provide them. I'm not thrilled that I had to ask.

August 30th
2nd Checkup
I am a few weeks late writing about my 1 week check up. I drove myself this time. The regular doctor was not available today, so they sent a temporary doctor in from another clinic. I did not leave feeling like I had been examined by somebody confident and capable. Not only was she very young, but she didn't explain anything to me very well. She said I had chronic dry eyes, and stated it as a fact as if I were aware of this. I have never been told that so I thought it was a little shocking. I thought I had been doing the drops regularly, but you bet for sure after this I have been a little obsessive about it. I also found out today that the steroids make your eyes dry out. Might have been helpful to know this a little sooner. They said I can start doing these drops only twice a day now, and I don't have to do the antibiotics anymore. I have now discovered these are the drops that give that horrible taste in the back of your throat. She did an eye exam, and my vision has regressed to 20/20, but mostly in my right eye. My left eye is still awesome. The doc also wanted to put some drops in my eyes, and said "so she could see more clearly". She left out the part about how they were numbing drops. It was for pressure testing. I could have handled it if she had told me, but was a little surprised to find out afterward. Then, I got in my car and added some of the systane lubricant eye drops, after all, I had just got done hearing that I have home safely. I will be rethinking driving myself next time just because of this. I don't go back again until the first week of November.

September 12th
Just a quick note to let you know how I'm doing. I completely stopped using the steroid drops, and now I only use the lubricant tears drops. I'm still doing this as often as I remember throughout the day. I wish I could say every hour, but I'm not quite that good at it. My vision is a little blurry just after I do the drops, but that's with any eye drop, nothing unusual. My sight is wonderful. I'm doing better than I was a few weeks ago. I can see better than I did with my glasses. I feel like everything is in HD because the color contrasts are so vivid. I did some research and I hear this does not bother you after a few months. It's fine during the day, but at night the contrast is very distinct. Luckily, it won't really be dark on my drives home for several more months. It's not a danger, or anything blurry, just more like a distraction. Anyway, my right eye is back to doing just as well as my left eye. The clinic had told me that the vision can fluctuate for a few months until it levels itself out. I was able to see a detail on the TV the other night that my daughter couldn't see, and I'm so used to it being the other way around that it kind of threw me. It is odd to see so far away without my glasses. I'm still trying to adjust to paying attention to things that I normally just used to tune out because I couldn't see it clearly anyway. That part is taking some adjusting to. Things are still great.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

PINCHme Samples Open August 26th,

PINCHme Samples will be open August 26th, 12pm EDT.

If you haven't heard of PINCHme, here is a little bit about it. PINCHme gives you the unique opportunity to discover new products and try them for free. When the samples open, then you pick your samples and then will mail them to you. After you have tried them, you log into your PINCHme account and leave your feedback. Simple.

Just a word of advice, you will want to log into your account and pick your samples as close as you can to the time they are opened, otherwise the good ones can run out within a few hours.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Honest Company August 2014

I received my Honest Company Essential Bundle this week. I had to get a replacement body wash and shampoo as I ran out. This is my favorite body wash by far, it has a very light tangerine vanilla scent and has a great consistency. I heard that Costco has an amazing deal for a huge bottle for $15, I need to find it at a nearest Costco. I also needed new spray sunscreen as I go through a lot during my summer jobs. I need to update once I get to test it out. I also ordered the bubble bath, as I ran out and I love taking relaxing baths. Thankfully they have changed the formula, as the old formula was very watery and the new formula is thicker. They also included a cute bubble wand, though it is geared for kids I love it! My bff got the chap stick set so I was very excited to add it on because I loved it. The vanilla orange and lavender mint ones smell amazing. I read the honest company blog and they recently did an article on 7 uses for baby powder that I found pretty interesting. You can use as a finishing powder for setting makeup, an after shave, use to absorb sweat, use to absorb the smell in sneakers, to repel sand, and can sprinkle on sheets to keep them cooler at night. I also received rinse aid and vegetable wash that I can't wait to use and test out. This month they announced they announced the new organic shave oil. I LOVE this stuff soo much. I was a little dissapointed at the size, but I am noticing a little goes a long way. This stuff is certified organic, hypoallergenic, prevents nicks, cuts, and razor burn. When I  used this I was not expecting to be cooling so that was surprising but I loved it. It was very soothing and conditioning and my skin felt great afterwards. I already added it to my next bundle.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Allure Fall Beauty Bag 2014 - SALE ALERT

The Allure 2014  Fall Beauty Bag is going on sale August 26th, at 12:00 PM EST. This box sells out in minutes, so you do not want to be late. Just go to The site isn't open yet, but should be when it comes closer to the sale time. The cost is $44.95 + Shipping. This is more than in past years, but still worth it. The box generally ships fairly quickly after the sale ends!

Aloxxi Dry Shampoo - $12
Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Oil Nourishing Styling Treatment - $11.50
Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer - $8
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Shampoo - $6
John Frieda Frizz Ease Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray - $9
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Intense After Colour Conditioner - $12
Make It Straight - $16
Neutrogena Triple Repair Fortifying Leave in Treatment - $6
Redken Blonde Idol BBB Spray - $19
Organic Doctor Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Restorative Treatment Conditioner - $12
Tresemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment - $8

Clean & Clear Advantage Soothing Acne Scrub - $5
BAN Total Refresh Cooling Body Wipes - $3
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - $11
Curel Rough Skin Rescue - $8
Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash - $9
Organic Doctor Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask - $10
Organic Doctor Organic Tea Tree Face Wash - $10

ELF Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - $3
Burts Bees 100% Natural Lip Crayon - $7
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish Duo - $15
Real Techniques Blush Brush - $9

Arm & Hammer Spin Brush Truly Radiant - $9
Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste - $4

This is one of the most fun boxes out there, because there are just so many different products. I really like how there is a lot for hair this time, which will be necessary going into the fall/winter seasons. I'll let you know my thoughts after it arrives.

Allure Sample Society August 2014 Review

Allure has recently taken over Sample Society. The box is still $15 a month, plus shipping. It's very similar to the cheaper versions of BirchBox and Ipsy. This months theme is the Big Easy, and was designed with the thought of creating an effortless style. That's inspiring.
 I'm loving the new Red Box. It debuted last month, but I'm still liking it.
We now get info booklets, that talk about the products in the box. Instead of the mini magazines that discuss things unrelated to what's in the box. I miss the mini mags, but I much prefer info on the actual items. I am thrilled that Allure gives tips on what they discovered about the items. Very helpful and much appreciated!
 First Look!
Kate Somerville Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment - I'm still too nervous to actually put oil on my T-zone. I don't care how expensive or fancy you are, or even who thinks it cool, I am just not there yet. It supposed to only take a drop or two, but Allure says you will need more to actually cover the face.
Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Peony - I really like Too Faced products, so I'm happy to see another one. I was trying to figure out if this was more lipstick, or lipgloss. It goes on wet, but is very matte. Allure gives the tip that it's a bit drying, so be sure to use a lip balm first. It's already sounding like work.
Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice - This is another brand I'm really liking lately. I'm pretty picky about mascaras, but I do like trying different kinds.
Ciate Paint Post nail polish in Cha Cha Cha - Love the cute mini bottle. Seriously, who ever uses up an entire bottle anyway? Mini's are perfect. I love this color for toes in the summer. Allure agrees with me.
Oribe Surfcomber Touseld Texture Mousse - I don't use mousse, but I'm keeping this on hand for when my sister visits and always asks if I have any mousse. The scent is citris and jasmine, so I don't know yet if it will be too strong for her. I like the bottle though. This is supposed to be a good alternative to using the surf spray. It is recommended to use on dry hair, because when used on wet hair it can have a crunchy feel.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Whish Shave Cream and Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum - August 2014 Review

What I'm raving about this week!

I love Whish Products. If you aren't familiar, they are Luxury line made up of naturally sourced and organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals. I just picked up a combo pack at Costco this weekend $19.99. It came with two shave creams and one flawless shave serum.
No harsh chemicals. Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, DEA and TEA free, and Petrochemical Free. No animal testing.
Whish Shave Cream - $20. It's best described as a whipped lotion. It comes in seven different flavors, I've got Pomegranate here. It is not too thick and it also does not lather like a gel with sulfate. It's applies smoothly like a lotion, and provides a close shave. It left my legs feeling moisturized. It does not take much, which is a concept I'm still getting used to since I'm used to gels. The Pomegranate fragrance is understated, which is important to me since I don't like things overly fragranced. I love the fruit flavors and Pomegranate is one of my favorites.
Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum - $22.50 It's designed to use post shave or wax, and combats those pesky razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It just takes a really small amount, and you can rub into your bikini area or underarm. I tried this years ago, when I got it at a day spa. I have not run across it since, so I'm actually pretty thrilled to find this. If you have not tried this stuff, you are missing out!
At some point, I intend to try some of the other products with the flavors Blueberry and Lemongrass. If you would like to read more about the Whish product lines, click here.

Blush Beauty Mystery Box August 2014 Review

Blush Mystery Beauty Box is truly one of my favs. It's $24.95 +shipping a month. Each month blush mystery box features travel-size and full-size beauty products worth at least $100. If you are interested, please email me at and I will send you a referral code from their website. You will receive a $10 gift card to use at, and
 Blush Mystery Beauty Box always comes in a simple black bag.
You also always receive a few samples. The Blue Lizard sunscreen looks like an Australian brand, but I discovered they are based out of TN. Products are Paraben Free & Fragrance Free.
GloMinerals Face Primer is also a brand I've never tried. I really like face primers, because they help keep your foundation in place for a longer period of time.
Neuma Texturizer styler - $21.95 This is made from renewable, beneficial plant-based ingredients. Their motto, because, like you, we care for earth and hair. It says it's lightweight and creates a frizz-free look, which I am always in need of in this weather. I'm currently using an Aveda product, so I can't exactly try this anytime soon. But I may take a break from that just to give this a whirl.
Nailtiques Color Lacquer in Milan - $10 I LOVE the color, completely perfect for me. I am not familiar with this brand. My Blush Mystery box was delivered on a very hot day. It sat in my stuffy mailbox all day long in the very hot heat. Still, I was very surprised to find the product leaked right out. By the time I got my mail, this nail polish was completely stuck on the box of the BB cream. I had to pull it off and a little bit of the paper is permanently attached to the bottle, hahaha.
Dr. Brandt BB Matte with shine erase - $39. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Brandt products. This is in Light to Medium, which is perfect for me. This is by far my favorite item in the box. I've been using dermaC BB cream and I'm almost out, so perfect timing! The color I got was light to medium, which is perfect for me! Very happy to get this! My favorite item in the box, and it made this months box for me.
Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Graphite Glint - $18 Glides on like a cream, dries like a powder. This is like a crayon for Eyeshadow, and can be sharpened like an eyeliner. This can be used as a shadow, liner and highlighter - all in one.
Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump 'N Thick Shampoo - $20. I was looking to try a different shampoo this week, so I will be trying this. I just want to give my hair a break from what I have been using for such a long time. I don't really need thickening shampoo, but I do want to see how this works for me as my hair is feeling a little lifeless lately.

Skinmedica Dermal Repair Cream - $124, for 1.7 oz and we received .25 oz. Still pricey. I'm thrilled to get this. Firms and defends climate-stressed skin. I don't know what's going on with the weather lately, I feel like we went from burning hot at the beginning of this week to muggy and slightly cold by the end of this week. My skin is not loving it. What I do love is pricey face moisturizers that I wouldn't normally buy. This is a hit for me.

Great value this month, as always. See ya next month, Blush Bag!

Sunday Treats - Lemon Oreos Review

What I'm Raving about this week!

Lemon Oreos! I just LOVE trying the different Oreo flavors. I have seen so many lately, but we don't seem to get that great of a variety in our area. Lemon is definitely my favorite so far!!! I don't know if you have ever tried to find Lemon Cookies before, but they are rather scarce.
This tastes just like a regular oreo in a way that it's two cookies with crème filling in between. The texture of the filling is the exact same, but it's the flavor that sets this one apart. It's bursting with lemon flavor crème and the cookies are the standard golden cookies. LOVE. Also, can I just say that the new lift tabs that seals and helps keep the Oreos fresh is pretty awesome.

I am on the lookout for Pumpkin Spice! Root Bear Float and LimeAde never came to any of the stores near me. But, I'm hoping the Pumpkin Spice is here by fall.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

BirchBox August 2014 Review

Hi BirchBox! Feel like I haven't seen you in a month!
First Look! I already knew what I was getting, because I already peeked ahead of time. Even when I do that, I'm always still curious.
Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional - I've been absolutely wanting to try this for some time, so I'm very thrilled to get this sample size this month.
 Quarter for scale.
Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream - This is grapefruit vanilla shea butter. The scent is stronger than I would have liked, but not too bad. It would be too strong for hands, but for legs, I think it's great.
Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate - This seems to be a serum booster. It works with your regular facial skin care routine to boost it, regardless of your skin concerns. I'm currently using a Dior serum booster, which I love, so I'll probably just toss into my travel bag.
Ojon rare blend oil Moisture Therapy - This oil is something you use very sparingly, one drop is all it takes. It is supposed to work well on end, but can also be distributed throughout to provide shine.
LAQA & Co - Sheer Lip Lube Pencil - Bees Knees, in Coral - This is a high-gloss semi-sheer lip color that perfect for summer. I did not open this, but I read that it's supposed to smell like mint. This is supposed to be a light color, which is perfect for the summer months.

If you are interested in BirchBox, then you can email us and we will send you a referral code!