Thursday, August 21, 2014

Honest Company August 2014

I received my Honest Company Essential Bundle this week. I had to get a replacement body wash and shampoo as I ran out. This is my favorite body wash by far, it has a very light tangerine vanilla scent and has a great consistency. I heard that Costco has an amazing deal for a huge bottle for $15, I need to find it at a nearest Costco. I also needed new spray sunscreen as I go through a lot during my summer jobs. I need to update once I get to test it out. I also ordered the bubble bath, as I ran out and I love taking relaxing baths. Thankfully they have changed the formula, as the old formula was very watery and the new formula is thicker. They also included a cute bubble wand, though it is geared for kids I love it! My bff got the chap stick set so I was very excited to add it on because I loved it. The vanilla orange and lavender mint ones smell amazing. I read the honest company blog and they recently did an article on 7 uses for baby powder that I found pretty interesting. You can use as a finishing powder for setting makeup, an after shave, use to absorb sweat, use to absorb the smell in sneakers, to repel sand, and can sprinkle on sheets to keep them cooler at night. I also received rinse aid and vegetable wash that I can't wait to use and test out. This month they announced they announced the new organic shave oil. I LOVE this stuff soo much. I was a little dissapointed at the size, but I am noticing a little goes a long way. This stuff is certified organic, hypoallergenic, prevents nicks, cuts, and razor burn. When I  used this I was not expecting to be cooling so that was surprising but I loved it. It was very soothing and conditioning and my skin felt great afterwards. I already added it to my next bundle.