Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday Treats - Lemon Oreos Review

What I'm Raving about this week!

Lemon Oreos! I just LOVE trying the different Oreo flavors. I have seen so many lately, but we don't seem to get that great of a variety in our area. Lemon is definitely my favorite so far!!! I don't know if you have ever tried to find Lemon Cookies before, but they are rather scarce.
This tastes just like a regular oreo in a way that it's two cookies with crème filling in between. The texture of the filling is the exact same, but it's the flavor that sets this one apart. It's bursting with lemon flavor crème and the cookies are the standard golden cookies. LOVE. Also, can I just say that the new lift tabs that seals and helps keep the Oreos fresh is pretty awesome.

I am on the lookout for Pumpkin Spice! Root Bear Float and LimeAde never came to any of the stores near me. But, I'm hoping the Pumpkin Spice is here by fall.