Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ontogenie Review

I have an amazing review today for my science geeks. I recently came across this shop on Etsy called Ontogenie that creates necklaces from 3D printing. They have amazing plankton designs that are to die for! I am currently studying sea cucumber larvae for graduate school and I was gifted this amazing sea cucumber larvae necklace for commencement. I am so excited to wear this at conferences and presentations!!!!!! You can even send the shop owner pictures of an organism that you want made if you have something in particular in mind.

(My larvae)
My necklace!!!!!!


Zenni Optical Review

I have always had optical insurance until this year. I was really worried about how I would purchase new glasses until I found out about Zenni Optical! I got my prescription and pupillary distance measured by my eye doctor last time I was in. With this information, I could purchase prescription glasses online. The glasses are typically less than $30 on the site and an amazing deal!!!!  
First I purchased the Black Browline Sunglasses #732021 for $35.95. I did need to pay an additional $9 for having a PD distance outside of the range for this particular frame.

The second pair I purchased was Pink Square Acetate Eyeglasses #107319 for $29.95. I love love love the pink!! 

Zenni has thousands of options of frames and you can upgrade your lenses for an additional cost, but I just stuck with the standard. You can also make any frame sunglasses as well!! I really recommend this site for people who aren't looking to spend hundreds on glasses. Since they are so affordable I can have multiple pairs to change up my daily look!!! I now have a pair stashed in my car to make sure I don't forget them!


ILoveNP Hush Nail Polish Review

I purchased a bottle of Hush nail polish from ILoveNP for $12.50 on Etsy. I love this nail polish. It reminds me of a mermaid!! It is a teal, blue, violet, orange, and red chrome. I haven't seen a nail polish with this beautiful effect. It is hand created in the USA!


Lush Volcano Foot Mask Review

Recently I picked up the Volcano Foot Mask from Lush.

I purchased the 4.4 oz for $13.95. My feet are pretty beat up from working in a hatchery all day. They are constantly soaked in salt water and I am running around on my feet most days. They were in need of some TLC. You are suppose to lather this mask onto your feet, wrap them in plastic, let them sit for 10 minutes, then scrub and rinse. It dries into a clay. This mask claims to leave you with soft odor free feet. It had a cooling effect, and even after 20 minutes have gone by they still have a cooling sensation. It is kind of like a peppermint effect. The key ingredients are papaya, lemon juice, tomatoes, potatoes, and essential oils. Overall, I liked the foot mask. I really liked the cooling effect. I am not sure that my feet feel incredibly soft after one use. I will continue to try this out one more time, but if I don't see a dramatic effect in the dried skin and if my feet don't become noticeably softer I probably won't repurchase a new jar for the price.


Soakees Review

We were sent a pair of Soakees for review.

Soakees is the "slip on and tie" foot bath. These plastic boots allow you to soak you feet on the go without needed a foot bath or bowl. These kind of seemed weird at first, but after trying them on I figured out scenarios they would be useful for. If you want to sit and watch tv or somewhere you don't want an open bowl these would be great. These might also be great if you are traveling and need to soak your feet for medical reasons or if you get sore feet. I thought these would also make a great gift for the people who like to glamp. I ended up using these in conjunction with my Lush Volcano Foot Mask. I haven't used the mask yet because you need to wrap your feet in a plastic bag and it seemed like a lot of mess and work but these worked great for it! I think that these are a great idea for someone who soaks their feet often. They are $19.95 + shipping on Amazon.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Cora Tampon Subscription Review

Cora kindly sent us this product for review. Cora is a monthly tampon subscription service that costs $9-18/month. The tampons are mode from 100% premium organic cotton and the applicator is BPA-free plastic. For every monthly supply of cora purchased they supply monthly menstrual products to a girl in need. The information packet explains that many girls in Kenya have to skip school during their periods because they do not have access to feminine hygene products. I really love this brand. After learning about the chemicals used and the lack of regulations on tampons I refuse to use anything but organic. So far, I have only been impressed with The Honest Company's tampons, but these were a pleasant surprise. This brand has great ethics, a great price point, and the products feel luxurious. 

Your first month you receive fearless fit tampons, a little black clutch, a little black box, and cardboard stowaways. 

I love this clutch!!!!! its made of vegan leather and has a magnetic closure. I feels like a high end sunglasses case. It is very discrete so you can have this in your purse or out on the table and no one would know.   

The little black box is a stylish storage container that you can leave out on your vanity and guests wouldn't know what it is. It is quite the upgrade from the crumpled pink box under my sink.

The stowaways are for emergency stashes and for sharing with a friend in need. They are cardboard capsules that you can use to protect the tampons.

I am very impressed with this brand and these products! The tampons are great quality and worked very well for me. I love having tampons delivered because I hate going to the store for them, I just don't have the time or patience. These products felt luxurious which makes the monthly experience a little more tolerable. I love the clutch the most and I am blown away by how well made it is. I really love Cora's mission and the give back program. So far this is the best monthly tampon subscription I have come across and I highly recommend them!


Smile Science Sweet Teeth Teeth Whitening Pens review

Mom was able to pick these Candy Flavored Sweet Teeth Teeth Whitening Pens up from Haute Look for a great deal. Currently, I can only find them on Smile Sciences' website for $60. These whitening pens are FDA registered, cruelty free, and vegan. They are peroxide-free and come in four flavors; cotton candy, blueberry, tangerine, and apple. They are easy to use. You just twist and click the pen and dispense onto dry teeth. You only need to keep them on for 15-30 minutes. So far I love these! They are much easier to use than the strips! They taste great, and it appears they should be less damaging than other whitening kits. I have only used twice now so I haven't noticed much of a difference yet, but so I far I am digging these!!!


Momoup Make-up Remover Cotton Pads and Oil Blotting Paper Review

Momoup kindly sent us the Finger-cot Make-up Remover Cotton Pads and the Panda oil blotting paper dispenser to review.

First is the Finger-cot Makeup-Remover Cotton pads. You can purchase a 50 pack for $8.99 through Amazon Prime. I have tested these out and I like them. They are great for traveling and throwing in your purse. I personally love to wear liquid lipstick but whenever I eat they run. I loved using these on the go to take off my liquid lipstick and reapply after I am done eating. They have a light scent and seem to be very gently on my skin. They do have a lotion infused which I personally like so my skin isn't being dried out, but I do like to use a little water after to rinse off.

The second item is the cutest thing ever! Its a panda oil blotting paper dispenser. You can purchase this on Amazon Prime for $9.99 I love this! It is very small and is great in my purse for on the go. I love to use oil blotting papers in the summer. When I am sweating a lot and I don't want to take off or ruin my makeup I use these. you just rip off what you need. 

So far I like these items and the price points are great. I plan to use both of these this summer while I am on the go!