Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lush Volcano Foot Mask Review

Recently I picked up the Volcano Foot Mask from Lush.

I purchased the 4.4 oz for $13.95. My feet are pretty beat up from working in a hatchery all day. They are constantly soaked in salt water and I am running around on my feet most days. They were in need of some TLC. You are suppose to lather this mask onto your feet, wrap them in plastic, let them sit for 10 minutes, then scrub and rinse. It dries into a clay. This mask claims to leave you with soft odor free feet. It had a cooling effect, and even after 20 minutes have gone by they still have a cooling sensation. It is kind of like a peppermint effect. The key ingredients are papaya, lemon juice, tomatoes, potatoes, and essential oils. Overall, I liked the foot mask. I really liked the cooling effect. I am not sure that my feet feel incredibly soft after one use. I will continue to try this out one more time, but if I don't see a dramatic effect in the dried skin and if my feet don't become noticeably softer I probably won't repurchase a new jar for the price.