Friday, August 5, 2016

Smile Science Sweet Teeth Teeth Whitening Pens review

Mom was able to pick these Candy Flavored Sweet Teeth Teeth Whitening Pens up from Haute Look for a great deal. Currently, I can only find them on Smile Sciences' website for $60. These whitening pens are FDA registered, cruelty free, and vegan. They are peroxide-free and come in four flavors; cotton candy, blueberry, tangerine, and apple. They are easy to use. You just twist and click the pen and dispense onto dry teeth. You only need to keep them on for 15-30 minutes. So far I love these! They are much easier to use than the strips! They taste great, and it appears they should be less damaging than other whitening kits. I have only used twice now so I haven't noticed much of a difference yet, but so I far I am digging these!!!