Friday, August 5, 2016

Momoup Make-up Remover Cotton Pads and Oil Blotting Paper Review

Momoup kindly sent us the Finger-cot Make-up Remover Cotton Pads and the Panda oil blotting paper dispenser to review.

First is the Finger-cot Makeup-Remover Cotton pads. You can purchase a 50 pack for $8.99 through Amazon Prime. I have tested these out and I like them. They are great for traveling and throwing in your purse. I personally love to wear liquid lipstick but whenever I eat they run. I loved using these on the go to take off my liquid lipstick and reapply after I am done eating. They have a light scent and seem to be very gently on my skin. They do have a lotion infused which I personally like so my skin isn't being dried out, but I do like to use a little water after to rinse off.

The second item is the cutest thing ever! Its a panda oil blotting paper dispenser. You can purchase this on Amazon Prime for $9.99 I love this! It is very small and is great in my purse for on the go. I love to use oil blotting papers in the summer. When I am sweating a lot and I don't want to take off or ruin my makeup I use these. you just rip off what you need. 

So far I like these items and the price points are great. I plan to use both of these this summer while I am on the go!