Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Honest Company's new products

Honest Company just announced today on Facebook they are adding new and improved soy candles and room and air fresheners! I loved the lavender vanilla soy candle I got with the Mother's day bundle and adding the orange cypress to my next order. I am beyond excited for the air and fabric fresheners. I added the lavender vanilla to use on my sheets because lavender helps me sleep and the lemon verbena for kitchen and living room for a great pick me up scent. After learning about the toxicity of paraffin candles I refuse to burn anything but soy in my house so I am always excited to see more soy options. I also am looking for air freshers that don't have the chemical scent that always gives me headaches! I am excited for my next months bundle!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

FabFitFun Fall 2014 Review

K just announced she received a delivery message for her FABFITFUN, so I ran (literally) to check the mail. This ships FedEx Smartpost and arrives to us via USPS. Sure enough, there is was sitting in the mailbox, with a  It promises $175+ worth of full-size premium items. FabFitFun has the seasons hottest beauty, fitness, fashion, and wellness items. We had both gotten emails that let us choose our Jesse Steele aprons, and were told ours would be among the firsts to ship. I just got an email saying mine won't be delivered until Wednesday.
The do a really nice info card.
 First Look!
The Honest Co. Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar, Juniper Sage - $4.95. Since I post in the order items are pulled out, this came out first. We have now identified the scent. I personally don't mind the smell of Sage, but K is not so thrilled, she was hoping for tangerine vanilla.
UPDATE: I got the Lavender soap.
Jessie Steele Apron - $32. If you aren't familiar with Jessie Steele, I gotta tell you they are the cutest aprons and oven mitts on earth. I'm sure of it. K picked this apron. The cotton is not as soft as I imagined, and the gold dots are sticking together when opening. So, if this is the one you received, open carefully. Still super cute!! I'm imagining it will need ironed from the back only.
 UPDATE: I got the one I requested, pink with grey trim and white polka dots!
There was a 25% off coupon included, which I was hoping for, and will be using for sure!
CHI 44 Iron Guard - $14.50 - K was almost out of the other hair protector spray she uses, so this was great timing for her. I will be saving mine and using later when needed.
Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank you Card Set, Sealing Wax, & Wax Press - $43 - Love this. You just light the candle, and put some melted wax on your paper, then you can use your seal, which says THX. Makes me feel royal. I never would have bought this for myself, but thrilled to have it.
LaNatura Travel Size Body Butter Avocado - $18 - This smells wonderful and K really is thrilled with this. I don't know if there are different kinds but I hope to get Avocado too, which is my favorite to use on feet.
Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Ped - $12 - These have good soles, with the non slipper dots on them, great for yoga. Love the straps on them. These are not bulky, soft, and super cute. This was another spoiler item we were really looking forward to getting.
Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster - $56. This is a super-luxe, ultra hydrating concentrate. I've used this stuff before and it works well. I've listed the price included on the info card, and what the official website states, but I already know you can find this much cheaper from other online stores.
Beauty for Real True Lip Color Lip Cream "Always There" - $22. The link to the Beauty for Real website is down, so your getting a link to Dermstore. We have received this item before, but in a different color. I LOVE that it lights up, is super convenient when applying in not-so-well-lit areas. One of my favorite lipglosses.
Mary's Gone Crackers & Numi Organic Tea - both of these were Bonus Sponsored items. I will try the crackers, but I'm just not a fan of tea.
FitFusion 3-month Digital Subscription - FitFusion is a digital platform that offers you tons of premium fitness video content from famous trainers. You have different options, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, bootcamp, dance, and more. You can stream from your iPhone, IPad, laptop, TV, Chromecast, or Apple TV. We will be using our subscriptions, but unlikely to continue with them since so much stuff is available free on cable. I love that FFF includes a fitness item each month, I just need to get more motivated to actually utilize it.
FabFitFun has 3 different challenges for October. I loved this concept. #1 write a thank you note and post it. I'm so thrilled to get the wax press, but I seriously haven't written a hand thank you note in years. Call me old fashioned, but I tend to send my thank you's by any method that can be done over my smartphone. #2 involved putting on the April and cooking something. Hey, wait a minute, I'm just in this for the outfit. #3 is encouraging us to remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You are supposed to take the self breast exam, then post a picture on the front of this card for a chance to win an iPhone6. K has really been wanting the new iPhone 6. After reading the challenge on the website, I'm still not sure what kind of pic they are looking for.  Even if I don't participate I still think the challenges are awesome. 
I already explained the FitFusion coupon, but we also got an Honest Co. Coupon worth 25% off your first order. I don't know that we can use these since we are already Honest Co subscribers.

We are thrilled with our FFF boxes this month! This is the subscription we look forward to the most, the value is always there. I can't wait to see my apron when it finally gets here on Wednesday!


Beauty DNA June 2014 Replacement Item Review

I finally received my June Beauty DNA. There was a mix up and it never got delivered. I have been working with the company and they were finally able to get this resolved. I'm quite happy with my match. 
Intensive Age Refining Treatment with Retinol - $106 This nighttime treatment formulation combines 0.5% pure retinol paired with antioxidants and a host of beneficial ingredients to hydrate and soothe, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I'm absolutely thrilled with my match. I know you aren't supposed to go out in the sun after using this product. I don't think that will be a problem in a couple weeks around here...the sun will soon be hibernating.

Beauty DNA September 2014 Review

My September Beauty DNA! If you haven't heard of Beauty DNA, then time to check them out. They give a full size product each month. The cost is $25/mo. They do not guarantee the value of what you get, but mostly I've received around $60-$80. The one month I got a lower priced item, they sent me two items. I have so far loved everything I have gotten from them. I have discovered a couple of brands I had not heard of, and would not have thought to try for myself. You fill out a survey of things you like and do not like. They use the technology to match you to a product. You get a card that states why the product was matched for you.  
 Meg 21 Hand Treatment - $37 This is a moisturizer and anti-aging product for hands, which typically show signs of aging. This is not something I would have bought for myself, or even thought to look into. There are no distributors in my area, or anywhere near me. I'm not even sure where to get it, other than Amazon. I have tried this, and it works well as a hand moisturizer, does not have a strong fragrance, and I really like it. Fining unique unheard of products like this is the reason I'm a huge fan of Beauty DNA.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Walmart Beauty Box Fall 2014 Review

Today I received my Walmart Fall Beauty Box. I wasn't really sure when to expect it, so it was a nice surprise in the mail. This is a seasonal box, so basically it comes out quarterly. The cost is $5, which is to cover shipping charges. This is a quarterly reoccurring subscription. Everyone does not receive the same products, you get them according to your "life-stage". I believe this means age. I actually kind of like that, because I am more likely to receive anti-aging items, which I like, and less likely to receive trendy eye-shadow, which I don't like. I received six different items total, if I include the sample packet.
Juicy Couture Go Couture Yourself Eau Du Perfume - $27.10 for full size. I did not know Walmart carried anything Juicy Couture. I originally thought the was smeared, but when I saw the exact same thing on the inside of the package, and then again on the Walmart site, I now realize it must be intentional.
Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick in Vintage Wine - $4.94 FULL SIZE included. Lasting color plus Moisture Wear in one. For a drugstore find, then one is actually pretty good. I really, really, like the color and is something I would pick for myself. It applies easily and does not dry out your lips.
Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant - FULL SIZE included $7.92. We received almost full size at 1.6 oz.  I like the Secret brand. I had not seen this particular version, so this is great to try. I wonder what clinical strength means? It also says "no white marks" and that's important.
L'Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep Acting Moisturizer - $ 19.97 for full size, which is 1.7oz, and we received .5 oz.  L'Oreal is my favorite drugstore brand, and I'm impressed with the Revitalift line, so I'm happy to see it included in this box. This stuff is marketed as something that 1) Repairs Wrinkles 2) Redensify, and  3)Re-firms. I'm not quite sure what #2 means, but it sounds like something I want.
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream - $21.28 for full size which is 1.7 oz, and we received .5 oz. For a couple dollars more, you can get this same product fragrance free. I do wish the sample had included fragrance free. That has been my main concern with this brand, I just can't handle the fragrance, and I really don't like it on my face where I can especially smell it.
Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Damage & Color Repair Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner - full size is $4.98 & $6.98. This includes 10 vitamins and nutrients. This is not sulfate free, so if that is a concern to you then you would not like this.

I'm very pleased with the value. For the $5 shipping charge, I feel I got a great variety, good mix of full size and deluxe size items, and everything was from a trusted brand. What did you think of this box?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blush Mystery Beauty Box September 2014 Review

Blush Mystery Beauty Box is still one of my favorite subs. If you aren't familiar with Blush, it's $24.95 +shipping a month. Each month blush mystery box features travel-size and full-size beauty products worth at least $100. If you are interested, please email me at brierreview@gmail.com and I will send you a referral code from their website. You will receive a $10 gift card to use at DermStore.com, blush.com and hairenvy.com.
Medicell Eczema Relief Anti Itch Cream and Priori Tightening Serum Coffee Berry. These were extra sample packets thrown in. Lately, I've become more tolerant of sample packets. Especially when it's a new serum to try.
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - I'm not excited to see this again. I've received this so much this summer I had to make more space in my closet. I would be just fine never receiving another dry shampoo again. Ever. I hear this is a good brand though.
Lumene Sensitive Touch Cleansing Wipes - This is perfect size to throw in my emergency kit in my car. I also like that it's stamped with the Allure Best of Beauty winner 2011. That is a few years ago, but still.
Color Wow One Minute Transformation - I don't need this, but the seasons are changing soon and it could be useful to help contain frizz. This can be applied to dry hair. If you want to restyle, then just use a round brush and blow dryer. I'll probably gift this, but not quite sure yet.
Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer - Simmer 222. I haven't yet decided if I like this. You are supposed to warm on the back of your hand first, then apply directly to the face and blend in with your fingers. I do like that it's full of antioxidants, pomegranate, green tea, and acai berry. I'm fair skinned, so I don't really use bronzers. I could see using this to help blend out a face tan in the summer. As for right now, no use.
Juice Beauty Reflecting Lip Gloss - The color I got was Guava, and it's just ok. I've read mixed reviews on this. Some folks say it's pretty shiny, and others say it's too transparent and does not last. I did not read one review where someone received it either free or in a sub box, and was still recommending the brand. The juice beauty brand is a natural organic line. I'll probably pass to someone that places a higher value on that than I can.
Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector - LOVE the Skinceuticals brand! Always happy to see it.This is my favorite item this month, just wish this particular item wasn't so small. I will be using for sure, I can't get enough of this brand.

The September Blush Mystery Bag was mostly a miss for me this month. This is one of my favorite subs, so I'm looking forward to what they have in store for next month.