Thursday, December 19, 2013

Escape Monthly Holiday Box December 2013 Review

Escape Monthly Holiday Box December 2013 Review
This was the 2nd Escape Monthly Box I received today. This is the Holiday Box.
The Practical Nomad Book- Travel tips.
 Yogi Tea Sampler - Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life. I don't drink tea so this instantly went into the giveaway basket.

Mug O'Love Hot Cocoa - I received a packet in my December box as well.

 Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath - I received two of these packets. I think it's bath salts, not completely sure.
 This is a card that explains what Chakra is. Or maybe it's explaining what the Chakra Oil was included is for. Again, I post in the order I pull them out, so I was confused on this at first.
Nob Mor Dark Chocolate Mint Bar - Treats! Haven't tried yet, but sounds great.

Dark Chocolate Dreams Packet. This is a peanut butter with chocolate blended in.

Knuckle Wax all natural skin balm. I have never heard of knuckle wax, and was not aware that such a product existed. I've never even given my knuckles much thought at all, and have never thought to have a special cream for them. I intend to just stick to hand cream. I mean what's next? Special Elbow moisturizer?

Chicken Poop Lip Junk - This was a bonus item. I completely cracked up when I pulled this out. I thought is this for real? Am I being punked? But then I read the ingredients and was so relieved to find out it is not made of real chicken poop. It's still going in the giveaway basket, but it did make me laugh.

Sciabica's California Basil Olive Oil - since I love cooking with oils I will be using this. Wish it was a little larger.

Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Fig Bar - This name is a lot longer than it deserves. It just doesn't sound appealing to me. I don't even know what a fig bar is. I've had a Fig Newton cookie, but otherwise I just can't relate to this.


Enjoy Life S'mores Bar (Gluten Free) - I'll try this for sure.
This is the Chakra oil I mentioned earlier. I was turned off by the fragrance. K wants to try it though. I told her she has to take the chakra card too. Cuz they're a pair.

 Alo Enrich Pomegranate & Cranberry Drink - I already handed over to K.

 Info Card - This info card was probably the most needed out of any box I've ever gotten.

This box cost the same amount as the normal monthly cost of $39.95. I have to say I was just a tad bit disappointed this month. With both the regular monthly box and this Holiday box. I don't know what I was expecting. But out of both boxes the only thing I will be using is the olive oils. At least the chicken poop lip balm was good for a laugh.  I do plan to cancel this subscription and try something else. I still love the theme of the box though, and this still seems like a good company, so I could try again in the future, but I'm taking a break for now.  If you are interested in trying them out, here is a link they sent for me to share with my friends.


Escape Monthly December Box 2013 Review - ITALY

Escape Monthly December Box 2013
My Escape Monthly was delivered today. I got two boxes, because I also got the special Holiday Box. Seeing two boxes is always a special treat.

 Info Card: Always love the info cards. They are really handy in case you are not too sure what you are looking at.

Isiciliami Passione Pasticcera - I think this is Italian for pastry cookies, or something. They are made with Honey. I tried one, but I wasn't overly excited about the taste.

Mug O'Love Hot Cocoa - This wasn't on the card. But I also got two others in the Holiday Box.
 Rigoni Di Asiago Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread - This is a hazelnut cocoa spread. It's organic. K is excited to try.
Skin Co. and Roma Truffle Body Milk - This smells awesome.  Rich in anti-oxidants, combats dry skin.

Skin Co. and Roma Truffle Body Gel - Also smells awesome. It's a true Italian secret this helps fight aging.
 LaCivetta Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I love cooking with Olive Oil so I'll be trying for sure.
Olio and Olive Castelvetrano Olives - Grown in Sicily. I already tossed into the giveaway box, because I'm not a fan of green olives.  

This is a coupon for 20% off of Skin and Co products. It probably would have been nice if I had included it up above, with the other Skin and Co items, but I post things in the order I find them.

This is a tourism book - Province of Terni umbria.
Monthly Tour book - Living Abroad in Italy

There was supposed to be a Bonus item - Perugina Baci, which is an Italian Truffle. I did not get it. It is rich dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts wrapped in foil. I really like my treats, but this isn't one of those times that I wolfed it down before remembering to take a pic to post.  I can promise you if it was in the box I would have found it.

I paid $39.95 for this box. They offer a coupon of 20% off, so you don't have to pay the full list price of $49.95. The value of the box is more than the cost, but the tour book is the majority of that. I do enjoy getting these monthly, I really think it is a cute concept. There is not a whole lot I would use this month. I will be unsubscribing soon in order to try something different.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FABFITFUN Winter Box Dec 2013 Review

FABFITFUN Winter Box Dec 2013 Review

Our Winter FabFitFun boxes arrived today! I am so happy they expedited shipping to arrive before x-mas! We were VERY excited to see them waiting for us!  

 Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser $7.49
A - This was one of the Bonus items. I tried it and I can tell you the fragrance is faint and non-offensive. I just can't seem to get used to foaming cleansers. This is probably going to K.

UPDATE: I have tried this several different times, I really cannot get used to it.

K- I am excited to try the facewash. I love using foam cleansers with my MIA. This one is hypoallergenic, has vitamens, and paraben free :]

Lorna Jane Bracelet $29.99
A - This bright color is nice. FFF also had sent a bright pink bracelet in last seasons box, and I like that one much better.

K- I actually like this bracelet and pairing it with my Nike fuelband. This bracelet has a Lorna Jane charm and is suppose to be a daily reminder to "Move, Nourish, and Believe".

NYX Eye Shadow Palette $8
A - The one I got was Tryst by the Trevi. (bottom pic) I like this set very much. The only reason I'm putting it in the giveaway box is because I rarely wear eye shadow and I seem to get some every month.

K- I received the top pictured one called "Eat, Love, Be Fab" I actually like the green color, but we have received so much NYX eyeshadows in the last few boxes I am starting to get sick of it. I would be more thrilled if they didn't contain parabens :/ so I am not sure if I will use this.

 Giving Keys Never Ending Necklace $55
A - It's a key necklace, I love it! Mine says Inspire, but I understand there were a few different choices. The message is pretty sweet. You wear the key until you meet someone who needs the message more than you. Then you pay it forward and give the key away. I just think that concept is pretty cool.
UPDATE: I'm still loving this. It really seems to be on trend right now, and I'm starting to see key necklaces showing up everywhere. I'm thrilled to be at the onset of a new trend, even if that trend only lasts this season.

K- When the spoiler was first released I wasn't sure how I felt, however when I opened it today I instantly fell in love with it and actually want to order another in the future. Mine also says inspire, and i think it is the prettiest key with the vintage design. However, I wish I had received a different word like peace, fearless, hope, or believe, because I think inspire will be hard to pass on and it doesn't feel as empowering as other words. The project has a pretty amazing story and encourage you to check out their site.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream $45
A - I love eye creams, will definitely be trying. It says it works on wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

K- I can't wait to try this. Never too soon to start using eye cream! and I am prone to puffiness and dark circles.

TruEnergy Inspired Earbuds $39.99
A - The earbuds are cute, bright, and have a splitter so you can share your music. I might try, but have not yet decided. I use my Bose earphones for traveling, and earbuds only when working out. But these seem a little fancier than just workout earbuds.

UPDATE: I have now tried these, and I gotta admit they are pretty cool. That splitter is very handy. This was truly a great surprise.

K- We both got the pink color, which I love. I love the built in splitter and I will use these with my travel buddies :]!

Bioxidea Miracle 24 $19
A - I intend to try the face mask, probably this weekend. I love face masks. In fact, I'm hoping K decides she doesn't want hers.

UPDATE: I have now tried the face mask, and I LOVE IT! It was easy to use, I just relaxed in the bath and had it on. When you are finished, you just rub the rest of the serum into your face. Works great.

K- This is cool. This mask is nutrient infused to smooth skin and reduce signs of premature aging. Since mom gave me the KORA I will probably pass it on if she loves it.

MeUndies Gift Card $20
A - This is a $20 gift card to the MeUndies brand. I've never heard of them but will look it up. They say they are the most comfy undies on the planet.

UPDATE: I ordered a pair of socks, and a tee shirt. They are really soft. I'm not sure they are the comfiest on the planet, but it is a good quality.

 K- I looked up the site online and can't wait to use it, but the site is really expensive $20 for a pair of underwear and $10 for socks, but I will order something.

Physique 57 Coupon
A - This was a card for us to enjoy five physique 57 online workouts. I'll try it!

K- I love when boxes include fitness items! I am looking forward to trying it!

 Lorna Jane Coupon for 20% off
A- I don't know if I'll use this or not, but I will check out the website.

K- Same.

Beauty For Real Lip Gloss $22
A - This was by far the coolest item in the box. This lip gloss lights up. I love it! I got red and I'm very happy with my color!

UPDATE: I keep this in my purse and have used on several occasions. The light is really cool when you are applying in low lighting. I'm still loving this item.

K- These lipglosses are way too cool! They have a mirror and a light. They also had a sticker on the box stating paraben free!!! These lipglosses have anioxidants and plumping collagen! they also have a cooling sensation when applied that I love! The color I received is D light.

A - Great Box!  FabFitFun is still my favorite box, always a good value. They have the coolest items that I would never think to buy for myself. I do wish it was monthly, but only because I really look forward to this one. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!
K- The box had a total of value of $271.47 which is more than the $49.99 we paid for the box! I loved all the fun new products and happy it introduced us to new things we had no idea existed! I am super happy they got the boxes out early and can't wait for next seasons! 

If you would like to sign up you can here

Monday, December 16, 2013

Glossybox Holiday Box 2013 Review

Just got my Holiday GlossyBox!

This came in a really pretty Gold box with a bow on it!

Inside was another bow!

First Glance

KORA organics clay purifying mask: This looks so cool! I will try this, eventually, but K immediately called dibs on this one. She is familiar with the brand and has been looking at the entire set.
UPDATE: I really love this mask. I love organic products and this makes my skin feel great after and helps sooth breakouts and even my skin tone. I hope to see more KORA products in other boxes.-K

Nuxe Fondant Body Scrub. This looks good, K also got this one since I have plenty of body gels and scrubs already.

Philip B Body Wash. I'm keeping this one, since it will work well for traveling. This smells incredible, Almond and orange.

UPDATE: I have now tried this, and this smells way to masculine for me. I am not going to finish the bottle. 

I'm a huge fan of the Butter London nail polish, this color is so pretty. K already owns this one anyway.

Beauty Addicts - Lip Addition lip glaze. The color is very shimmery and pretty, I'm keeping this one as well.
UPDATE: I keep this in my purse and use this often.

Bodyography Lip Liner - in red. K grabbed this one as well. 

So Susan Luminizer - K offered to take it off my hands. I intend to try it, but we both know it's probably going to her soon.

UPDATE: I use this almost daily. I'm loving it. This is one item I never would have thought to try. The only unfortunate thing is the bottle split, which is odd because it only stays in my makeup drawer. It split up near the cap, so when I go to squeeze some out, it comes out the side instead.

Love the info card! Full pics and prices.

Hopefully this is a better pic of prices.
This box was great. I'm really liking GlossyBox. I intend to keep with it. K is thinking of signing up too, since we've really liked the past couple of months. I paid $50, and the overall value is $174, so I feel this was a good bargain. The KORA mask alone makes the box worth it.