Thursday, December 12, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Box December 2013 Review

We received our PopSugar Must have Boxes today! I always look forward to the treat! That is my favorite part. I have gotten much better about getting pics prior to tearing into them. This month, I was very surprised to find there was not one treat, not two, but three yummy treats!!! Popsugar is $39/ month.


A: I LOVE Ghiradelli Chocolates! Thrilled to see the Holiday bag included as well! I'll be taking to the office to share!

K: I loved seeing chocolates! The Eggnog and Pupkin Caramel ones are very yummy!

A: The CC Made caramel popcorn also has pistachios, and is actually quite yummy.

K: The caramel corn is pretty tasty.

A: These are plastic wine glasses, er, I mean Govino go anywhere flutes.  They are supposed to be reusable and unbreakable. They have a place to put your thumb, which is kind of interesting, but really, I'm just not impressed.

K; These were fun. When I saw the description on other blogs before mine arrived I thought they were crystal, so I was a little disappointed when I received them and realized they were a light plastic material. They are cute and will be great for traveling but I wished they were better quality.  

A: This is the LULU Frost bracelet. I really don't care for it. I can see taking the charm off it and making a necklace, but otherwise, the chain and the charm do not go well together.

K: I hate it. It's ugly and since I am allergic to nickel I can't wear it anyways. I think that it's very overpriced at $110!

A:  This is my favorite item in the box. Modelco Fibre Lashxtend mascara. I hope it works and extends my eyelashes. There was also a $10 coupon included.

K: I love getting mascara. Even though it has parabens I might be trying it.

A: NCL Designer Nail Wraps. Cute. Not for me, but I will definitely gift.

K: I love nail stickers! Super excited to try this this month!

A: Fancy wrapping paper. MIXT gifting set wrapping paper. I'm more likely to use bags than actually wrap anything.

K: I might use this on small items. I think it is very cute and useful this time of year!

A: This wasn't my favorite box. I'm not sure there was any one time that I was really thrilled to see this month. This is still the box I really look forward to each month.

K: The added up value of the box is $180, but $110 of that is for the ugly bracelet. I am happy with the items this month and loved the holiday theme. This is not my favorite box, but not my least favorite either. 

If you would like to see more info, you can use my link here. Also, you can get $5 off of your subscription by using the code Refer5.