Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quarterly Co. Bill Nye The Science Guy #NYE01 Subscription Box Review November 2013

My Bill Nye Quarterly finally arrived! Felt like I was waiting a while for it! Being a science geek and a Bill Nye superfan since grade school I was very excited for this sunscription box! This is another Quarterly Co Box and is $50/quarter and includes items picked out by Bill Nye himself. In his description he said you will "make discoveries and adventures". If you would like to sign up you can here.

I loved the wrapping on this box! 

The box included a lesson plan packet that included a fun sundial  experiment for elementary grades. Not Sure I will ever use this but it was cute. 

Bill Nye's autograph! My favorite thing in the box!!!! Totally framing it!

Frightened Grasshopper Kit ($6.99) - A fun little grasshopper that you build and runs off of solar energy. It will be fun to build.

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car ($13.55) - This one was super cool!! A car that runs off salt water. Excited to try it out.

Hiking Snap Hook Compass Carabiner ($3.90) - This was probably my favorite product in the box. Its a compass snap hook for your keys.

Pilot B2P - Bottle to Pen ($2.88 for two)- Cool pen. It is made from recycled water bottles. I Wish they included a pack instead of a single pen.

Straws ($1)- I wasn't sure what was going on with these straws, it seemed very random i think it might be related to the sundial in the lesson plan which requires two straws but I am not sure why they would include just one tool on the list.

Bead Necklace Kit (-$3)- I wasn't thrilled with this. I think I am going to have to watch the video to understand the reason for picking it for the box.

UPDATE: These are really cool!! They are UV color changing beads. When they are indoors and not exposed to UV light they are clear, but once you take them outside and expose them to UV light they change colors instantly!!

Overall it was a fun box. I am really excited about the autograph!!! I wish that they had included a brochure about the items that were included, I saw that there is a video online but wasn't very practical to look up when unwrapping the box. The items were things I will try for fun but not really in my age category, but it is what I would expect for a Bill Nye the Science Guy box. If I had young kids this would be a great subscription box. I am disappointed in the value of the box as it only adds up to $25.88, so the face value wasn't worth the paid $50. I'm not sure if I will be purchasing again. But encourage you to try it out if you are a Bill Nye the Science Guy fan!

Here is the video explaining why he picked the items: