Sunday, December 15, 2013

Honest Company Review December 2013

I received my Honest Company Box for December! I am still signed up for the Essential Bundle which is $35/month and you pick five beauty and household products. I love this company and encourage you to read on the history of the company and Jessica Alba's philosophy behind starting the company.  

Bathroom Cleaner- This cleaner is described as a powerful non-toxic formula that leaves your bathroom sparkling clean and delightfully fresh. I love that it comes with a pump and cant wait to try it out. 

Bubble Bath- This bubble bath is formulated for long-lasting bubbles and will not dry, irritate, or cause tears. I love the light tangerine scent and cant wait to use this in the tub to relax!

    Suds Up- This is a ceramic soap dish and bamboo brush for cleaning dishes. I love this product and its now my favorite item from the Honest Company. I love the butterfly spring pump and cant wait to use this in the kitchen.
    Dish Towel- This is a 2 pack of 100 percent organic cotton towels. The towels are described are uniquely woven for extra scrubbing power, extra absorbency, and extra durability. I am excited to start collecting towels for the kitchen.

    Hand Soap- I got this soap last month and had to get more for this month. The scent is amazing and the soap doesn't dry out my hands.

    This was a bonus item this month and its tree. I thought this was a super fun bonus item and cant wait to plant it in the backyard.

    This is my favorite company and once again I am impressed with all the products I picked out this month. If you would like to sign up you can here.