Sunday, November 20, 2016

Luxor Box November 2016 Review

Luxor Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that includes luxury, beauty, spa, jewelry, and lifestyle items. Each item is high quality. You receive 5-7 items with a guaranteed value of $275. This is our favorite box in the “luxury” category.  
Cost: $129/US or $159/Canada OR a Petite Box is $43/US only
How Often: Bi-Monthly
Ships To: United States & Canada via USPS
Luxor Box  is always shipped in a quality box, and I still loved the logo tissue paper and logo sticker! This is one of favorite boxes and I always look forward to it. Luxor box includes cards to describe each of the items. Mine is missing this month, which seems to really disappoint me.
First Look!
Two-Pair Set of Etiquette Socks from the Charming Trio Line – $40. I like getting socks in boxes. They almost always go directly to K. Once again, I would like to remind her that socks come in pairs. ;) These are really nice and I really like that they are two toned!
Kosta Boda Contrast Ornament  – $50. I got the white/red version, but there was also a blue/white version in some boxes. I think this is the nicest ornament I've ever received. I would never pay this much for one ornament, but the quality is there for sure.
Dartington Crytsal Beehive Votive Holder  – $25. I really like the quality of Dartington, and this does not disappoint. Not sure it matches my décor, but it's still really nice. I wish the candles we received in this box would fit in there, but this is for a tealight candle.
Côte Seaside Holiday Set –  $64. I am unfamiliar with this brand, but I always like getting nail polish. I'm especially in the mood for it this month, since I've been going through my collection and tossing out my old ones. These are really pretty Holiday colors, just perfect.Vegan and cruelty free.  There was also a 20% off coupon included. Vegan and cruelty free.
Rose et Marius “The 13 Christmas Desserts Of Provence” set of 2 mini-candles – Value $40. These are so amazing, they just smell awesome. They are not tea light, they are much bigger, so they do not fit in the candle holder that was included. But I do have a Glassy Baby candle holder these would work nice in.
Halycon Days Zebra Print Black and Palladium Pendant – $150. This necklace is super cool, I really like it. It's much heavier than I thought it would be, but I guess that's quality. I think I have used that word on almost every item this month, but that's really what this box stands for so it comes quite naturally. I think this is my favorite item, but I definitely need to check with K if she wants this because it's totally her style.
Here is one final look with everything included. The approximate value of this months Luxor Box  is $369, which is awesome! I really like the curation this month. I'm pretty sure we are keeping every item this time.

Beauty Fix November 2016 Review

Beauty Fix - is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box service from You will receive full and travel size items worth at least $100. They send items from well known brands. All items are sold on their website. you generally get a coupon each month as well. If you are interested, contact us and we can send you an email link that will get you $10 towards your account. Cost: $24.95/month
How Often: Monthly

Ships To: United States via USPS
 First Look at this box looks packed!
 They always include a nice card that talks about the products.
Danielle Creations Silky Clean Facial Brush FULL SIZE! - $16. This is really nice to see. K is currently without her Clarisonic, so this could be helpful for her. I love it when tools are included.
Avene Soothing Moisture Mask FULL SIZE! - $26. This is a full size mask. I really like it when masks are included, and I especially like it when full size is included. This is also a trusted brand!
Pangea Organics Facial Cream – Moroccan Argan with Willow and Rosemary - $20. 1 oz. We generally don't see a face cream in the same box as a face mask, so this is nice. This face cream is packed with antioxidants so it's should be great.
Supersmile Professional Whitening Floss - $2. I couldn't find a value online so I am going with what another blogger came up with. I love that a travel size floss was included. I'm happy to see any floss really, lol, we never get that. Also, this is a whitening floss, so I'm curious to try it.
Phytomer Pionniere XMF White – Skin Translucency Cream - $14.80, 3ml. Basically, this gives you a nice glow.
Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray - $5.90, 2.5 oz. This is great for those who have natural curls and wear it that way! This has B-12 so it helps strengthen hair.
NuFACE Prep-N-Glow Cloths - $1. This is a dual sided cloth and it removes makeup and impurities while the other side polishes by providing exfoliation.
Tocca Beauty Eau de Parfum – Emelia - $2.50, 1.5 ml. I have received this particular perfume vial several times. All fragrance samples are completely wasted on me, so hopefully this can go to someone who can use it.
This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray - $2. 5 ml. This is a great idea, and I wish I could totally try this. But it has Lavender so I will not be the one finding use of it. It's supposed to have therapeutic benefits. I'm thinking K might like this.
Dermarche Labs BioREWIND PM - $12.50. 3ml. This is a night serum. Great timing because I've been looking for a good night serum.
Manna Kadar Cosmetics Fantasy 3-in-1 Eyeshadow FULL SIZE- $19. I have received this several times before. This can be used as a blush, highlighter, or eyeshadow. I like it when products multi-task!
This months' Beauty Fix box has an approximate value of about $122, which is fabulous. I really enjoyed this box! Not only was there a wide selection of items, but a lot of unique items that I've never seen featured in a box before. So fun!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Glossybox November 2016 Review

GlossyBox - is a beauty subscription box that sends five products each month. There are a lot of brands that you cannot get here in the US. They send makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and other related items. They have a great rewards program that allows you to get a free box annually, and more often if you refer friends.
Cost: $21/month or $222/annually
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States (excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) and Canada via USPS.

This is the first look from when I opened the box. As you can see, one of the containers is fully opened. This is unlikely to have happened during shipment. And makes me a little disappointed in GlossyBox.
Lycopene Skin Care Crema Rinnovante - $4? Since my jar was fully opened in my box, I wanted to make sure you saw how much of the sample was actually included. Which is basically nothing. You can even see the bottom of the container. There was no spillage, so this is actually the amount, which is pretty much a teeny tiny spoon full. If your spoon was made a for a newborn. And frankly, I don't understand why you would waste such beautiful packaging on this limited size sample. The cost of the container is clearly more than the product is worth. Doesn't make sense. This is not GlossyBox fault, I blame the company that provided the sample. But the container is really gorgeous, and worth displaying on a counter, don't you think? I'm contemplating repurposing it just because. For being the feature item it's sure a letdown. Looking at other reviews, most people got about half a container. On mine you can see the bottom so I guess it was just a bad box.
Beautiful Nurtrition Grapefruit Detox Shine Repair Shampoo -  I don't know if K is still collecting these. She is mostly into oils currently, with the hair journey she has been on. But I'm saving for her just in case. Now I'm reading that this is safe for color treated hair, so she might like it after all.
Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask - $12. I love getting masks, so much that I don't even mind how small this one is. I will probably throw in my travel bag. This is full of anti-oxidants to reverse skin damage.
De Bruyere Beaute Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07 - $17. Full size. This is one of the items that was included in every box variation. This is really pretty and if I wore eye makeup I would really like this.
Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencil - $16. Full size. Lip pencils are my least favorite item to receive in a box. I don't use them and don't really understand them. Colors varied but I received Ecstasy. Other box variations received the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick, which I totally would have loved.
This months box just didn't do it for me. I don't even feel like calculating a value.  I'm sure I'm just jaded due to the opened face cream with the limited sample, but I can't muster up any enthusiasm for this box at all. I'm hoping the December box will get back on track.  

PopSugar Must Have Box November 2016 Review

PopSugar Must Have Boxis a monthly lifestyle box, geared toward women, founded by Lisa Sugar. They send full size products and a mix of beauty, home, fitness, and other items. They guarantee a value of over $100. They also curate Special Edition boxes that are released throughout the year; they are very popular and contain luxury items. We recommend this box for anyone new to subscription services. 
Cost: $29.95
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via USPS and FedEx
First Look!
PERH Chambray Runner in Wine - $44. I've been looking for a table runner, so this is really timely. I think this is my favorite item in this box, I totally love it.
OOGIE's Gourmet Toffee Butter Popcorn - $2.99. This stuff is soo yummy. I seriously love it! Also, it only has the popped corn, there were not any pieces that didn't pop.
Meri Meri Star Party Picks - $8. These match the Meri Meri Garland we received in the mini box. These would be really cute on some appetizers or cupcakes.
AJ Good Nest Wire Bowl - $35. This would have been really handy if I didn't already have something like this (that I like much better). This is good for a table centerpiece that you put stuff in, and goes great with the table runner so I like that it was included.
Stowaway Cosmetics Dawn to Dusk Palette - $25. If you aren't familiar with Stowaway Cosmetics, they offer smaller size versions of products, in the hope that you actually waste less of it, or can use it before it expires (yes, makeup expires). I think it's a great idea and I like the quality well enough and this has good pigment.
Kendra Scott Elaine Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl - $50. This bracelet is really pretty. I'm not sure I understand the lock though. I'm showing you pics of the bracelet front, back, the traditional KS dustbag, and the lock. It's still really pretty.
This months coupons included are Pehr, Kendra Scott, and Stowaway Cosmetics.
This months PopSugar Must Have Box  has an approximate retail value of $165. I love this months box!