Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cate and Chloe October 2016 Purchase Review

Cate and Chloe is an online store that also offers a monthly subscription box for $39.99. They send you two jewelry items each month. I do not currently have a subscription with them, I made this purchase when it was highlighted as a sale item. I'm finding that I enjoy their products more when I do it this way. This month I paid $53.40.
Nicole "Victorious" Ring - $99. I LOVE this ring!!! Unfortunately, it was just a tad too tight for me. I'm sure if I contact them they would happily exchange. I just think this is really beautiful.
Ashlyn "Nature" Pearl Leaf Earrings - $79. If you remember, I got the matching necklace last month. So I was so excited to see the earrings on sale this month. The entire set looks really great together.
This months value was $178, which is incredible vs. what I actually paid. And I really like both items.