Sunday, September 25, 2016

Luxor Box September 2016 Review

Luxor Box is a bi-monthly subscription box that includes luxury, beauty, spa, jewelry, and lifestyle items. Each item is high quality. You receive 5-7 items with a guaranteed value of $275. This is our favorite box in the “luxury” category.  
Cost: $129/US or $159/Canada OR a Petite Box is $43/US only
How Often: Bi-Monthly
Ships To: United States & Canada via USPS

Luxor Box comes in a nice box that is packaged in shipping box. There are info cards included that explain the items that are included on one side and gives info on the brand on the other.
Rose et Marius Eau de Toilette Roll On – $40. Top notes : Verbena, coriander, asil, fennel blossom, green tomato leaf, Heart notes : Star aniseed, peppermint, vetiver, sandalwood.
Base notes : tonka beans, myrrh. I love roller perfumes, but seriously, all perfume is wasted on me.
John Beswick Pocket Mirror  – $30. The pattern I received is Monet Water Lilies. This is the nicest fanciest pocket mirror I've ever held. It's much heavier than it looks, it's pure quality. I love the protector case it comes in as well.
John Beswick Ceramic Vase – $35. The pattern I received is Van Gogh Starry Night. This vase is 7 1/8″ tall with a 2 1/2″ diameter. Truly spectacular. Doesn't match my d├ęcor, but I think it would make a beautiful gift for someone you needed to bring flowers too.
Halcyon Days Gold Hinged Bangle – $165. The color I received is Hot Pink/Gold. I do love the shade of pink, not too bright at all. This bracelet is gorgeous. Really! I do not wear bangles, but if I did I would be all over this.
Heirluminare Petite Round Box Candle – $60. The one I received is Green Leaf Lace. Green Jasmine Tea. Top Notes: Orange, Lemon, Jasmine, Heart Notes: Rose, Green Note, Mint, Fruit, Background Notes: Musk, Coconut. I did not open so I am showing you a stock pic so you can see the container. It's so pretty. I wish this was fruity flavored, or vanilla, but I simply cannot handle jasmine.

Luxor Box has an approximate value of $330 this month. They always do such a good job of finding luxury items that are really nice, and that come ready to be gifted. There isn't anything included this month that is my style, but all of the items are very high quality and I continue to love this box!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

PopSugar Limited Edition Fall 2016 Review

PopSugar Must Have Boxis a monthly lifestyle box, geared toward women, founded by Lisa Sugar. This review is for the Fall Limited Edition box.
Cost: $100
How Often: Several times a year
Ships To: United States via USPS and FedEx
I am finally getting caught up on the reviews, I have been so far behind lately. I love the Limited Edition boxes, they are definitely my favorites! I believe this is the last box I have to get to for tonight.
It comes in a special box, with silver tissue, and each item is individually wrapped.
Caeden Linea No. 1 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold On-Ear Headphones – $149.99. I love these, they are pretty! I do wonder what the future of headphones will look like, with iphones now being made without a headphone slot. I know you can get converters, but still curious what the future will bring.
Sloane Stationery Great Thoughts Notepad – $52. I really like receiving Sloane Stationery products. This is lined, and I like the way it opens as opposed to traditional book style
Lancer Skincare Dani Glowing Skin Perfector – $95. This is an illuminating finisher to help firm aging skin, diffuse imperfections and blur pore visibility for a smoother, visibly lifted effect. Mirco-fine, light-catching mineral highlighters delicately disperse over imperfections and enhance skin's natural radiance. This works for all skin tones. Reviewers warn that a little goes a long ways.
Jack & Lucy Faux Fur Pom Keychain – $41. No link because this is exclusive for this box. I have recently been informed this brand is exclusive to PopSugar, which explains why I can never find a link. I know a lot of people like these types of additions to add onto their bag or purse. I am not one of those people. Just give me a regular old zipper and I am happy.
There was a card included in the box that had tips for travel.

Buji Baja With Love Fro Eurostar Lavender Rib Scarf – $70. I LOVE this scarf. It is a pretty color, and cozy and styles wonderfully. Makes the box for me.
Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick in Joy – $36. The color Joy is a rose gold shimmer. Infused with age-defying vitamin C, evening primrose oil,  sunflower seed oil, to brighten and hydrate skin. Includes a built-in brush to effortlessly blend and sculpt. Basically, you apply where you want shimmer, which could be cheeks, lips, body...
 I loved this seasons Special Edition box. Between the scarf, headphones, notebook, and lancer skin perfector, this is a huge hit with me. The approximate value of this box is $443.99, which is incredible.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Review

FabFitFun is a lifestyle box. It promises $175+ worth of full-size premium items. It has the season’s hottest beauty, fitness, fashion, and wellness items. It's one of our favorite boxes. For annual subscribers, there are now options where you can customize some of your items, which is great because then you are sure to get the colors you really want.
Cost: $49/quarter.
How Often: Quarterly
Ships To: United States via USPS
This months box was designed to be interactive and you can actually color it. I hear that coloring is a great stress reducer. I don't have time to sit around and reduce my stress, but I think it's a great idea.
There is an info card that gives some coupon codes for some of the brands included, and an info booklet that goes into detail about the items and the companies featured. It also some tips on featured products such as styling/uses. Subscribers had an option to pick out their preferred version of several of the products involved, but I did not receive all of my choices. This is the first time that has happened to me.
ModCloth Loch and Key Blanket Scarf – $34.99. I had requested the green/navy version, which is a really difficult combo to find this year. I received this one but I was able to swap over on MSA with someone who really wanted this color. These are "blanket" scarfs, which means they are a lot more material than your average scarf and can also be worn as a wrap. I like the tip included for travelers that this would be great on a plane to use as a blanket.
Toesox Toeless Fitness Socks – $17. I really love toeless socks. Especially ones with grippers on the bottom. They are just so great for yoga when you want to wear something. I hear there were color variations included, I am very happy with the black pair.
The BrowGal Brow Gel – $20. This is clear and water resistant. Basically, it can keep your brows shaped where you placed them, but more importantly, it can seal in your brow color from your brow pencil or gel. I prefer tinting my brows, but for those times in between this could come in handy.
The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug – $19. There were two different versions included, the other choice was "Joy Comes in the Morning". I really don't know why but that would have annoyed me. Yep, I definitely a coffee first joy later type.
Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum – $50. I don't know why, but I had figured we were getting a skin serum this season. It's great for the changing weather. I'm not in need of it, but it does contain those powerful antioxidants.
Mullein & Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil – $18. I really love body oils. Really love them. But unfortunately this has Lavender in it and I am so not a fan of that.
Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel Completely Clean Deodorant – .5 oz. $.77 - I have always been a fan of this brand. I am really shocked at this size though. It's like half of a sample size. I know it's a bonus item, but I would have been more impressed if they had included a full size version. It's a company that makes plenty of profit so I don't think that's too much to ask.
Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer – $16. I didn't see this in the info book, so I'm wondering if it was a last minute sponsored item? I do love getting sponges, but I am not a fan of rose at all.
Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes –$1.66. This is another sponsored item. I like getting sponsored items because they feel like little bonuses. These are going into my guest bath. I've used these before, I think these are the best brand. One thing to know is they are flushable.
Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection – $50. This was the primary spoiler item. The collection is really pretty and I like the neutral colors. There are a lot of uses for this, so don't feel limited to only using it for eyeshadow. I've seen people create entire makeup looks out of just one palette, and the range on this one is endless.
FabFitFun Coloring Book & Pencils – $14. These were created for this box so the link I've included is for Pencils of Promise, which is an organization that is focused on increasing access of quality education for children in developing countries. There were choices on the coloring book, the other variation was "Nature". I did not specify a preference. Coloring is supposed to help reduce anxiety and stress. Hhhmmm, I may know a college student that can use this....
I have calculated an approximate retail value of $225.42. This was just a really fun box this month, excellent curation, and I hope to see more like this in the future. This is one of our top recommended boxes to those who are new to the subscription box phenomenon.

Avenue A by Addidas Fall 2016 Review

Avenue A by Adidas - is a subscription beauty box that caters to women. Every box from Avenue A by Adidas brings you into a new world of premium urban running gear, crafted and perfected by women, for women on the move.  You will receive apparel and footwear. Items are chosen for style and fitness performance. You fill out a profile and specify your sizes so items are likely to fit your.
Cost: $150/Quarter
How Often: Quarter
Ships To: United States via UPS Ground
Avenue A comes nicely packaged and each item is individually wrapped. The boxes are a little large, but they are nice quality.
The info booklet tells about the products and is very informative. There is a new design each season.
Adizero Boston -  $120. I knew that a black pair of running shoes would be included this box, so I was hoping they would be nice. I am not disappointed. They are lightweight and made of breathable mesh.

Performer Tank – $25. This is one item I am not impressed with. Yes, it is lightweight, which is great for runners, but it's also see-through and just feels really cheap to me. It can make a nice layering top, but I just don't like the quality and won't be keeping/wearing.
GT Supernova Bra – $45. This is a running bra that offers high support and moisture wicking fabric. Criss cross straps in the back. I like this and think it is nice. It fits true to size and definitely is supportive.
Supernova Three-Quarters Tight – $65. These are the matching running capris. Same moisture wicking material. I do like the pattern, but I can't see me actually wearing these. I don't really like "fun" designs, I tend to like plain black/navy.
ZNE Hoodie – $100. This is really nice. Very thick material and clear quality. I really like this and can see me using this. The side pockets are zippered so if you needed someplace to stash your keys this would hold them nicely.
The overall value of this box is $355, which is once again pretty amazing. I would not have spent that on this collection of items, but it's always fun to get it in a box.