Sunday, July 24, 2016

ipsy Glam Bag July 2016

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Ipsy is a beauty subscription box created by Michelle Phan. They send a mix of deluxe samples and full size beauty products, and a makeup bag. You take a beauty quiz and should receive items that match your profile. This is very similar to Birchbox, and an excellent way to build up your inventory and try out different brands before investing in a full size purchase.
Cost: $10
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States & Canada via USPS and DH
Ipsy always includes a makeup bag. This months is really cute. It is a beach theme, love the little umbrellas. The theme this month is Hot Summer Nights.
Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush - $10. I happen to be collecting Luxie brushes, so always happy to get another one!
Organic Surge Daily Care Reviving Eye Gel - $9.81. This gets mixed reviews online, but basically it's an eye gel that can quickly be absorbed, and its enriched with clarifying Green Tea and Eyebright extracts to soothe and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes.
J Cat Perfect Duo Brow Pencil in dark brown - $3.99. This will help create fuller and perfectly defined eyebrows. Has a retractable eyebrow pencil, a blend of vegetable, coconut and soy bean oil that guarantees a fluid application and sensational color. My brush came bent, but I think I got it back to where it should be.
Pur Cosmetics Illuminate and Glow Primer - $9.90. This is designed to be worn under makeup, to help your makeup stay put longer.
The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt Trimony in Matt Moskowitz - $4.67. This is a matte plum shade. It's really pretty. I love The Balm Cosmetics, they packaging is so super cute!
This months Ipsy has an approximate value of $38.37. My favorite item this month was the makeup bag that was included, but I also like the dark brown brow highlighter as well.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Orange Glad July 2016

OrangeGlad - is a monthly subscription service that will send you a variety of sweets and desserts every month. You should receive five items. Boxes are normally shipped during the 1st and 2nd weeks of the month.  If you find something you really love you can visit the online store to purchase more of it. There are occasional full size products, but mostly this is sent in snack size portions. Therefore, I generally won't be providing a dollar value.
Orange Glad also sends a nice info booklet each month that talks about the vendors whose products are included.

Torie & Howard Pomegranate & Nectarine Hard Candy - I don't eat a lot of hard candy, so not sure if I'll even try this.
Espresso Dulce de Leche Brownies - There were three included. A decadent and rich chocolate brownie flavored with espresso and drizzled with freshly made dulce de leche.
Whimsy & Spice Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookies .
The Cravory Salted Caramel Cream Cookies. This sounds yummy and I can't wait to try it!
S'mores Biscotti - Biscotti with marshmallows? Yum! Can't wait to try with coffee.
Last look at the full box!

Beauty Fix July 2016 Review

Beauty Fix - is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box service from You will receive full and travel size items worth at least $100. They send items from well known brands. All items are sold on their website. you generally get a coupon each month as well. If you are interested, contact us and we can send you an email link that will get you $10 towards your account. Cost: $24.95/month
How Often: Monthly

Ships To: United States via USPS 
There is a two sided info card that tells about the items included. It's very helpful.
DS Laboratories Oligo DX - $34. Full Size. This is a skin smoothing treatment to give your legs a toned appearance by blurring away the dimples and other imperfections. I have no idea if this would work or not, but might be worth a try.
Glytone Acne Treatment Spray Back and Chest - $20. I have never heard of anything like this, so it's interesting if nothing else.
Neova CU3 intensive Lip Repair - $22. This is an intensive treatment for your lips. Works great for all kinds of weather, heat or cold. I like getting lip treatments in subs, so this is great even if I have never heard of this brand.
Dr. Hauschka Night Serum - $60. Full Size. Another night serum, but I do like this brand. This one is a gel formula, but it's said to instantly absorb. This is all natural ingredients and oil free. Works on all skin types.
Avene Micellar Lotion - $20. This is said to be a toner/cleanser/makeup remover all in one. I'm not sure if this would really work as a makeup remover, I plan to use as a toner.
Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots - $5. This is one packet of blemish dots (they come in sets of four). You just place this little dot over you acne concerns, and it even works if they are just forming. I have tried this in other brands, but not this one. Skyn Iceland is one of my favorites so I'm happy it was included.
Danielle Creations Therapeutic Gel Beads Eye Mask - $9.99. You can use this for cold or hot, meaning you can heat in the microwave or cold in the refrigerator. I've never gotten one of these in a sub box before, so I think this is great.

Last look at the full box for this month. I really liked this months box. The July box has an approximate retail value of $170.99, which is really great for a box at this price point.

Monday, July 18, 2016

PopSugar Must Have Box July 2016 Review

PopSugar Must Have Boxis a monthly lifestyle box, geared toward women, founded by Lisa Sugar. They send full size products and a mix of beauty, home, fitness, and other items. They guarantee a value of over $100. They also curate Special Edition boxes that are released throughout the year; they are very popular and contain luxury items. We recommend this box for anyone new to subscription services. 
Cost: $29.95
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via USPS and FedEx
 PopSugar Must Have Box includes an info card that describes the products.
Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White - $30. I don't know why I got two of these, but I really like Michael Stars scarfs, and I especially like this one. It is thin and very pretty. This can also be used as a headband, but I'm sure I'll be using as a scarf.
Just another pic showing one opened. It's such a great length. I like how this would be just a pop of color over your sweater or jacket.
 House of Pom Emoji napkins - $25. These cloth cocktail napkins are really cute.
Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder - $18. You can float up to four beverages with this. I think this is cute and I am so bringing this on my next beach trip. It's too cute!
Pintrill Pineapple Pin - $12. The suggestion is to use this with your scarf. I don't know that I will do that, but I do like the Pineapple and it is sooo summer.
Sachajuan Hair in the Sun - $32. This is like sunscreen for your hair. It will not wash out in the ocean. You can use this as a styling crème, and it doubles as a protectant from harmful UV rays. This also protects your color.
European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Highlighter in Pearl - $19. This is designed to use right over your eyebrows, to make them pop a little. You can also use this as a highlighter for other areas such as cheekbones or above the lip on your cupids bow.
Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Potato Chips - $1.49. This was the snack this month. I feel like we have gotten way more salty snacks this year than sweet. I haven't tried these yet so I can't give a recommendation one way or the other, but I can tell you they are kettle chips.
Trove Gift Card - $20. This is a giftcard, not a coupon. But this store does not seem to have many items that are near this price range, so I'll be passing on this one.
This months box has an approximate retail value of $137. This does not include the gift card to the overpriced store. My favorite item this month is the Michael Stars scarf, which is similar to a full size one we received a few years ago. The scarf makes the box for me this month.

PopSugar Must Have Mini Box July 2016 Review

PopSugar MINI Must Have Box  is a new subscription from PopSugar. It is a mini version of the full size box. It will include two full size items each month. The items will be different than what is included in the full size box. You are guaranteed to receive two (2) full size items worth over $30.
Cost: $18.95
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via USPS and FedEx
 This is the first look this month. I had already seen the spoilers so I knew what we were getting.
 PopSugar Mini box also includes an info card that explains the items that are included.
 Let it Block SPF 30 Sunscreen - $14.99. This sunscreen comes in a recyclable pouch. This container is 3 oz and will fit great in a travel bag. The formula is paraben-free and nutrient rich.This is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes.
Sunnylife Pineapple Ice Tray (set of 2) - $17. These are the absolute cutest ice cube trays that I have ever owned. I really love them. I have never received ice cube trays in a sub box, so I'm especially happy to get these.
I wanted to show you what the ice cubes look like up close. They are even cuter than I thought they would be. The tip card suggests using it for herbs or fruit. I imagine that these would also make cute wine cubes.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Frownies Eye Gels Review

*This item was sent to us for review purposes*
Frownies Eye Gels - $16. Frownies eye gels are basically eye pads that relax the muscles in your face, to train your muscles to be more relaxes. The more you use them, the better they work. Frownies products are made with natural ingredients, and are safe for most people with sensitive skin. It allows skin cells to position themselves to better support the epidermis. They basically separate the crease in the muscle.
Initially, you use these 3 days in a row, then you can drop down to once a week. They won't completely erase your wrinkles, nor do they claim to, but they do make them less noticeable. You can use the Frownies eye gels on both your eyes OR they also work great for around the mouth as well. It works best if you use them nightly.
The Frownies are little gel pads, they arrive in little packs, where they sit in the rose water serum. The fragrance is minimal, and I'm someone who is sensitive to flower smells and this didn't bother me at all. I have been using them in the morning. I put them on and make my coffee and check my email, and they don't bother me at all. I have heard they are easy to sleep in as well, but I haven't tried that.
At first I didn't realize Frownies were reusable, but I think that's such a great feature. You just place them back in the tray and rehydrate them with FROWNIES Rose Water Toner Hydrator, and keep them in the refrigerator. You can continue to do this until they dissolve. I have yet needed to "re-hydrate" mine, but we are keeping them in the fridge, and I have used them several times.
We have noticed a difference while using Frownies. After about 15-20 minutes my morning eye puffiness is all but disappeared. They also do what they say about making the wrinkles less noticeable and relaxed. And my eyes just feel a little softer as well!