Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Crispery CrispyCakes Review

The Crispery CrispyCakes is something I discovered from my very first subscription box, and I was hooked ever since. I had a coupon code over Black Friday sales, so of course I had to grab some! These are the best rice crispy treats on earth!! No exaggeration!
I love that it was wrapped up all nice, just like a subscription box! If you are unfamiliar, these are the biggest rice crispy treats that I've ever seen. The quality is amazing and these are a real treat.
S'more Crispycake - $4.25.I am showing an extra picture on this one so that you can see how large these truly are. I just went and opened this because I hadn't tried it yet. It is really yummy. It has a layer of graham cracker in the middle, along with extra marshmallows.
Cocoa Concoction - $4.25. This is the best one. I love the chocolate flavored rice crispy. Absolutely love it. I want more! I received this one before so I'm happy to get it again.
Drizzled Mini Marshmallows Crispycake - $4.25. The top of this is so good. This is not my favorite, only because there is just so much more to the other ones.
Chocolate Dipped Crispycake $4.25. It turns out I seriously love this dipped in chocolate! I might almost want the entire thing dipped. Love it!
I usually cut them into 9 pieces each. It's still a good size bite and plenty big enough for a treat.