Friday, December 16, 2016

Julep Black Friday Picks December 2016 Review

Julep is a nail polish and makeup brand based out of Seattle. They do have a subscription service, for $24.99 /month which includes over $40 worth of new beauty innovations and/or limited-run nail colors. Or,  you can pick the Maven Luxe option, which includes $60 of product each month. You can accept their picks for you, or you can log in and make changes. You also have the option to skip months, which I think is a real benefit of this box. K was a subscriber for quite awhile, but has taken a break recently.
Cost: $24.99/Month, or Maven Luxe $39.99/Month
How Often: Monthly, or skip any months you wish to
Ships to: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Canada.
This post is covering items we picked up during Black Friday sales, and not for the monthly subscription box.
 We picked enough items to create an equivalent sized sub box.
Dashing Mini Lipstick Trio - $40. We paid $14.99. The colors are great, the formula is smooth, and they are subtle enough to work well with daytime.
Belle: Sheer blush pink
Wink: Sheer peach
Jinx: Sheer dusty rose
Brilliance Glycolic Hand + Body Scrub - $32. We paid $9.99. I've received this stuff before and it's great, and frankly it's what I was looking for when I decided to check out their sales. A dual-action exfoliating scrub made from natural apricot seed microbeads and a potent concentration of glycolic acid that instantly reveals brighter, smoother skin. I use it for hands, and had never considered it could be good for body exfoliation as well. Good to know.
Cheyenne Bombshell Nail Color - $14.99. We paid $4.99. This color is so pretty. I really do like Julep nail polish, so I had to grab a couple.
Beatrice It Girl Nail Polish - $14.99. We paid $2. This color is much darker than it shows online, which surprised me, but it is still pretty.
Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner - $16. We paid $4.99. This lip liner is supposed to be invisible. Which means when your lip color wears off, you should not be left with the "ring around the lips" awfulness. That's pretty much the only reason I was willing to try this. Otherwise, I normally am not a fan of lip liners for this reason. So, hoping this works.
When Pencil Met Gal Rich Brown Eyeliner - $16. We actually paid full price for this. I don't know if you've ever tried Julep Eyeliners, but they have quickly become my favorite. They glide on easily and are blend exactly as you want them to. You can make the line as thick/thin as you are looking for.
We are impressed with our Julep haul. We got a good number of products worth $149.98, and yet we paid only $68.96. We look forward to trying more of their makeup line, and of course new nail colors, so we will definitely for sure be keeping our eye on next years sales as well!