Monday, March 31, 2014

April Julep Maven Box Review

My Julep Maven Box  arrived today! Julep was the box that started it all for me. It was the first subscription box I signed up for. They are salon out of Seattle. I skip a lot of boxes because my nail polish collection builds up so quickly, but this month a had saved up enough points to receive a free box so I jumped at the opportunity.Julep Maven Box costs $19.99. You fill out a beauty quiz and they match you to a beauty profile. On the 20th of each month they reveal the different profiles and nail polish choices. You can choose to stay with your profile or you can opt for another.Three out of the five profiles contain two nail polishes and a beauty product and one of the other profiles always contains three nail polishes, and this month one of the profiles contains two beauty products. You also have the choice to add on additional items or even opt to buy the entire collection. This month I chose to stay with my Boho Glam profile. This month was the Vivid collection. 

Julep Glow Pore-Minimizing Blush in Peach Bellini ($24)- I love this peach color! I hope that it lives up to the description as a "pore minimizer".  I love the case it comes in and it's full size.

Sunny ($14)- I hate the color yellow but I love this color!!
Phoebe ($14)- I love love love this green. It is such a beautiful color and great quality!!

Bridgette ($14)- This month I opted to add Bridgette on! I was in desperate need of a white nail polish.

Candy ($1)- Julep always includes a special little treat. Sometimes it's hair ties and sometimes it's candy.

This month they included a a coupon for mavens, so I am totally going to buy the Bare Face cleanser that I have been eyeing! 

Overall this month had a retail value of $52  and i opted to add on Bridgette. Because it was my birthday month and my anniversary month I collected enough points to get everything for free so that made it even better! I absolutely love julep's nail polishes! They always have great colors and are high quality polishes. If you want to sign up you can use my link here and you can use the code "FREEBOX"to receive your first box for free (i believe you just have to pay shipping).  I am sooo excited for next month box because they are sending out the Plie Wand!!! 


Jergens Shea Beauty Oil Review

I thought I'd throw in a product review, because I really haven't done one in awhile. This is Jergens Shea Beauty Oil. I picked it up over the weekend at Target for $8.99.

It says it conditions and illuminates. I don't know about the 2nd part, but after using it, my skin definitely feels softer. It truly is Fast-Absorbing, as it claims, and it's not too greasy. It also dried fairly quickly. I used it as a base, and then layered with a moisturizer. I loved the combination. It has Shea butter and Argan oil. It does not contain parabens.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Plated Coupon

I ordered my first Plated Box and expected to arrive April 12th! If you aren't familiar with Plated, it's a subscription service that has chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients delivered right to your door. You can purchase the meals without a membership for $15 a plate, or you can sign up for the membership for the cost of $10 a month and each plate is $12. You do have to have a minimum of four plates ie. two meals in order to place an order. Each week they list 7 new recipes you can choose from.You choose the delivery day for your area and then all of the ingredients arrive fresh at your door step. I have been eyeing this service for a while and I found a coupon to receive $30 my first order, so I ordered two 2 person meals for $30!

The Meals I ordered:
Chicken Tikka Masala

Lemongrass Pork

If you are interested you can sign up here with my referral link and you can use the code 7861b0 for $30 off your first order. Cannot wait to update once I receive mine!!


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SocialBliss Style box (#StyleBox) January Box Review

The Style Box by Social Bliss is a new subscription box that started in January of this year. They describe the box as a box that contains items featured on their site along with other emerging hot items not yet available on the market. Subscriptions are $39.95 + $7.95 shipping, and they promise a value of at least $100. I saw the January spoilers and was dying to get my hands on the purse and necklace and found out on the site you can purchase individual items or past boxes at the price of $85 if you are not a subscriber. To purchase the necklace ($60) and Purse ($55) separately it would have been $115 (yikes!!) so I opted to buy the whole box for $85.

Rebel Studded Bag ($55)- I LOVE this bag! It's soo me! I look forward to using this on my upcoming Vegas trip! it doubles as a clutch or a crossbody. when I purchased the box I messaged the Customer Service to request a black one and they insured I got one!

Killer Style Bullet Necklace ($60)- This was the second item I had to have! These necklaces are made from real .308 caliber bullets and are encrusted with clusters of Swarovski crystals. The necklace comes on a 34 inch chain. I really love the company and a portion of proceeds from the bullet necklaces are donated to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. 

NYX Rock Stary Eyes Smokey Eye Pallete ($12)- I could live the rest of my life without seeing another NYX eyeshadow pallete! I wish boxes would stop including them.

Forever Cool Fedora ($22)- I wasn't sure about this hat because I cannot pull off fedoras AT ALL. but after mom loved it and I tried it on too, I realized that there might be a chance we can rock it this season.

The box has a reatail value of $149! If I had purchased a subscription I would have saved more money! I loved how helpful the customer service was. I think mom may have signed up for it! I cannot wait to see April's box! If you are interested you can check it out here.


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Fancy Box Mystery Box Review

Fancy is offering Mystery Boxes for $10 + $7.95 for shipping. They are a one time purchase and you can choose between and Men and Women boxes. I was excited to try this because everyone was suppose to get something different and therefore I couldn't spoil it for myself like I always do!
Fancy Notebook Set ($12)- I really like these! They will be great little notebooks to have in my purse. 

Buy It now

China Glaze (Platinum Silver) ($7.50)- I really like this color! Thinking of pairing it with my baby pink color.
LAEX Card Holder ($27)- I was not excited for this. I don't really see a use for this because I use a wallet, but I guess you could use it for going to the beach or something. It also says "Be Foolish" on it. I think that is a pretty dumb saying to have stamped on the holder containing your credit cards and drivers license. I also wouldn't pay $27 for it, maybe $2...wait not even then, maybe I would take it as a freebie as a bonus item at a store.
Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal ($20)- I saw a TON of these in everyone else's spoilers and was praying I wouldn't get this! But surprise surprise here it is! I swear Fancy has a whole warehouse of these and was excited to do the Mystery Boxes to clear them out of the warehouse because I have a feeling these are not flying off the shelves, especially at $20 a pop.

Overall the box had a retail value of $66.50 and I paid $17.95. I was a bit disappointed in this box. I saw other spoilers and people got some really cool stuff. I had my eye on a ciate nail set. In retrospective I don't think I would have paid what I did for this particular box, but it was fun to have no idea what I was going to get.  If you wanna grab a mystery box before they sell out you can go here and search for "mystery box". You can also use "FOLLOWUP10" to get 10% off any Fancy order.


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Tyler Florence Fancy Box March 2014 Review

My first Tyler Florence Fancy Box arrived this weekend!! I was very excited to try this box because it is something other than makeup and beauty supplies so I feel it will be more useful than most of my other boxes. I also am stocking up house supplies for when I move out. I am a foodie and LOVE cooking so this box seemed perfect for me!! The box cost $39 a month + $7.95 for shipping.

Cake Server ($8)- This was pretty cool to receive. It's not something that I would actually go out and purchase myself but I am very happy to have one. I envision myself using it to serve fresh baked cake to my guests at my new apartment....Daydreaming away.

Round Slate Coasters ($12)- These are such chic coasters. They are heavy slate coasters with rubber on the bottom so they don't scratch your table. As my friend pointed out you can use chalk on them to label names on! Love that idea might just have to steal it ;)

Set of Two Bamboo Servers ($21)-  I cannot wait to use these! I will use them for serving a salad or pasta dish at a dinner party. I love the rubber material for the gripping section.

Spoon Rest ($9)- I am guilty of being a messy cook in the kitchen and I use the spoon rest at my mom's house religiously when cooking spaghetti, so I know this will get great use in my future kitchen! 

Rustic Bakery 2 Seed Lavosh ($8)- These are sourdough lavosh. They taste pretty good on their own but I think will be great with a cheese or dip. 

Small Steak Cutting Baord ($25)- I love this acacia wood board! I can use this for serving cheese and crackers or for using as a cutting board in the kitchen.

Overall I am pretty happy with this box and cannot wait for next month's box! It had a retail value of $81! This box in particular didn't seem to have the "wow" factor like his past boxes have had, but every single item in this box is useful for me and it is all getting stored away in my hope chest! If you would like to sign up you can check it out here and search Tyler Florence. You can use the code "FOLLOWUP10" to receive 10% off and Fancy order.


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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cate and Chloe March 2014 Review

Cate and Chloe is a jewelry company that we have recently discovered. We appreciate them for providing us with a VIP box to review as well as a discount code for BrierReview readers, which you can find at the end of this post.

Cate and Chloe is a monthly high-end jewelry subscription box. It costs $39.99 a month and you receive $200+ worth of jewelry. Each month they send you two high quality pieces separately (one piece every 15 days). They also offer free exchanges for any items you don't love. This is awesome because you get a peace of mind knowing  you are  going to love the pieces you get, which is something you don't get with other subscription boxes. The website states that they created the company "because they wanted to create stylish yet affordable jewelry women could wear every day. They wanted to create an easy place for young professionals to find classic, timeless accessories that would add a little glamour to an everyday look". I can tell you they have accomplished this!!

Our package arrived in a plain white shipping bag. When I pulled this out I was pleasantly surprised by how beautifully wrapped the package was.

They also included a  handwritten envelope with our names on it.

Inside the envelope we received an information booklet that explains how the VIP membership works. We discovered that with a VIP membership, you automatically receive 20% off any product you order from the website, along with free shipping.

We received this Welcome/Info card that told us all about the item we received.

I really enjoyed  untying the ribbon to open the box, it just felt so fancy. I also really liked the Gold emblem on top of the box, I notice details like that.

We received the Diana "Divine" Necklace. It was inspired by Princess Diana. It's 3ct CZ pear-shaped, on a 18" sterling silver chain. This last part is highly important to us, because K is allergic to cheap metal, and suffers from reactions even if she is only in contact with it for a short while. This means she can wear this necklace. We also perused the website and discovered she will be able to wear other items, so we are happy about that.

Overall we are in love with their products! Their pieces are original, timeless, and classy. Hmmm, Just like us! It's also worth noting that their customer service is right on par with Nordstrom. This has been the most pleasant company that we have worked with since starting this blog. They are very responsive with emails and are incredibly nice! K and I have decided we each need our own subscriptions!

Cate and Chloe have kindly offered Brierreview Followers a 20% discount code. This code applies to the standard month-to-month sign up ($39.99/month, which always includes free shipping).

Enter code: BrierReview20


*disclosure this page contains affiliate links. This box was sent to us for review, but as always the opinions expressed on this blog are ours and not influenced in any way. 

Friday, March 28, 2014


Just received my monthly GlossyBox. I never know when this box is going to arrive. It's all over the place. This is the 2nd one I've gotten this month, because Februarys box didn't make it until March 1st. This company is known to have issues with shipping, so that just something to know before you commit. Shipping is free by the way. Mostly everything is sample size, but they include full size items as well. This month I'm listing out the full size costs, but I'll let you know which one is the full size case it isn't obvious.

 I really do like these cute pink boxes. I think they're classy.
 As always, such a beautiful welcome! I appreciate the info card that's included. Tells me what I'm getting. I read last.

 First look at what's included this month. I post in the order I pull the items out.
Alterna Haircare Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand - Full size is $22. I think my mom would like to try this, so I'm passing it on to her.
 Etre Belle Cosmetics Lip Lift Peel - Full size is $17.80 This is an exfoliator for your lips. It removes dead cells and refines the surface skin.
 Nails Inc Brook Street Nail Polish - Full size is $9.50. I placed a penny in the pic for scale. This color is like a coral, which is great for spring/summer. Nails inc is supposed to be super glossy. I've never tried this brand. I looked around the website a little, and I really love the caps on their home page.
 Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask - Full size $158 I received this in another box once, a much bigger size, but I have still not tried it. This face mask is supposed to be good for anti-aging, and who doesn't love that?
Alex and Ani Scent 7 Body Mist - Full size $18 I am not a fan of fragrance. Not at all. And I know this about myself. Yet for some reason I opened this up and immediately sprayed on my wrist. I thought it would be a very light scent. It's not too bad, but the scent is definitely not for me. I tried washing it off within two seconds. I have used lemon soap (twice), Dawn dishwasher soap (also twice), and then dial soap. I can still smell it. It's like the super glue of smells. So, just know this is if you ever try it.

Alex and Ani Charm Bangle - $28 This was a bonus item. It's a charm bracelet. I got the Dragonfly, which I love. The info card has a picture of a swan, and there is another information card that talks about a swam. But I like the Dragonfly much better. The bracelet bangle is very adjustable. It is well constructed, for what it is. The charm itself is well constructed. The bracelet is what it is. And the other 3 little charms, well I don't even understand them. This charm would look much better on a necklace so I'll be deconstructing this and only keeping what's useful. I'm thrilled to see this surprise because it's something other than a makeup/skincare/hair item. I like those kinds of surprises.

I paid $21, shipping was included. I feel kind of blasé about this months box. There isn't any one thing I'm all that excited to see. The Black Rose Face Mask, except I haven't even tried the it when I got it last time. I hear it's fabulous though. It should be it cost $158. We'll have to see what GlossyBox has in mind for us next month!

If you are interested in GlossyBox, please let us know and we will send you a referral code. I don't believe it does anything for you, but we will receive Glossypoints for it.