Sunday, March 9, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Box March 2014 Review

PopSugar March 2014 Review

My PopSugar box arrived yesterday. I get the monthly subscription, and so does K. We pay $39.95 monthly. I was really happy to see my box, but K's did not get delivered. Not sure what is going on with that, but I'm fairly confident it will be here Monday or Tuesday. I wanted to wait for K so we can open together, but, uh, couldn't wait to open it.

K- *Update*- After billing issues my box FINALLY came!!!!

Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps - $2
A- This month I was able to resist eating the snack. This is original Green Pea crisps. It's a healthy snack. Personally, I prefer non-healthy snacks from PopSugar. I like my sugary sweets. I've already given this away.

K-I am willing to try this but wasn't overly thrilled.

Baublebar Elephant Ring Tree - $12

A-This is tooo cute!! I love it. Your rings sit on the elephants nose, and it's bright and shiny. We also found it listed in the ShopSmart magazine.

K- I love this little guy. He will be put to good use!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum - $27
A- I really love face serums. But this one, I am going to have to pass on. It smells really florally, and the ingredients list several different flowers. I didn't see lavender specifically, but the smell was already overwhelming. I will be gifting to someone who likes floral smells.

K- I was happy to see a quality product however I have collected a few serums over the last month and this one has an overwhelming smell, so I will most likely throw into the gift basket.

Activeforever Fusion Exercise Ball- $9.95
A-This is a mini exercise ball, 7.5". We are showing it next to a cell phone, so you can get a better idea. I'm excited to see this, because we can use this with Pilates exercises. I am happy to see something workout related. And I'll be using this for sure.

K-I was very excited about this when I saw it in the spoilers! I have been using the barre workout from FabFitFun's fall box, and a fan of pilates so this will be put to good use! I love it when they include workout stuff!

 Natures Bakery All Natural Strawberry Fig Bars -
A- The only price I found was $7.50 for a dozen. I didn't immediately eat this snack either, but I have to say that this is a little more like it. Still on the healthy side though. I like fig newtons, so I'll be trying this one.

K- I am excited to try this treat!

Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make a Wish Necklace - $26
A- This Horseshoe necklace is so cute. It's supposed to bring you good luck. You make a wish then put your necklace on. When the necklace falls apart, then your wish is ready to come true. I don't know that I can believe in luck being brought about by a necklace, but either way I think it's still super cute.

K-I love that they included a lucky charm in March's box!And I love horseshoes! But I will be disappointed when it wears off! But hopefully my wish comes true! ;)

A- I LOVE this!! I have yet to get into wearing scarves, but I have already stated I will be starting this season. So, to get this in the box is truly inspirational.  I have checked out the website and it has some really cool things, it's a small collection, and spendy, but really cute. Anyway, I'm really happy to see this in the PopSugar box this month.

K-Wow! This scarf is so beautiful in person! The blue really pops! and it works well with my fair skin I love it!! 

A-If you are interested in PopSugar, you can click here on the PopSugar link they gave me. I feel like we got an excellent value this month. We also received some coupons, 15% off Jurlique, 20% off Dogeared, and 20% off BaubleBar.