Saturday, March 22, 2014

FabFitFun - Spring 2014 Subscription Box Review

FabFitFun - Spring 2014 Subscription Box Review

Our FabFitFun boxes arrived yesterday. I was able to get the pics, but not able to get to the review until today. We pretty much already knew everything in the box, thanks to the spoilers. I told myself I wasn't going to look, but did it anyway. FabFitFun is one of our favorite subscriptions. We always get something that is unique, and fun, and not just the standard beauty products we receive in our other subs. This box is no exception.

 A - I love the new black color of the box. It looks classy and stands out from our other packages. The box used to be white, so this is different.
They include an info card, which tells a little bit about the product. It also includes coupon codes for future orders of the brands.

 I may have posted the above pics a little out of order. The reality is that K opens much faster than I do.

A - This was one of the spoilers, so we knew we were receiving it, just not sure which one we would be getting. I have received the one with cherries and Polka-dots. K doesn't want to trade me. Looking at the website, there are many others I would have preferred. Still, I am happy to get this, it's adorable and cute. If I end up finding someone to trade with for something more my style, then I probably will wear more often. Otherwise, it seems more fitted for a summer backyard BBQ. I love the wire and that you can shape as you want. Can be wrapped as a headband, which is how I would wear it, or bow style. I love that this was included this time.

K - I received the red one with white polka-dots and I LOVE it!!!! I have wedges that match it! Its very pin-up! I went onto their site and fell in love with a leopard turban and the flower crowns. I think I will be putting the 20% coupon to good use.

A - No thanks. I don't like any of the main ingredients. K did get me to try it though. It tastes like a tortilla chip, which I liked, with an aftertaste of what I imagine is Spinach and Kale, which I did not like. This is my least favorite item this time.

K- I like trying new foods, even the healthy ones. I think these will be good to try with salsa to help mask the kale taste as I don't eat kale often so I am not use to the taste, but it is healthy for you so I am going to work on incorporating into my diet.

We each got a pack of 4. You just drop this in your shower, and the menthol and eucalyptus will ride up with the steam to create an at home spa experience.

A - I am soo trying this!! Shower bomb? Never heard of it. This is the type of unique and cool things this sub offers. I'm so happy to receive the 4-pack because it sounds so cool I just have to share. This is my most favorite item this time.

K- I am excited to try these. They sound amazing! It will definitely make my home showing routine more of a spa experience.

20% coupon code included
A - I have yet to find a dry shampoo I actually like. I'm trying every single brand I receive I receive, just in case there is something that will work for me. I have had a chance to try this and it's not that bad. Definitely the best I've liked so far, and I do not feel like a sticky hair spray feel is remaining. My hair does feel cleaner and I feel like I can style it without completely starting over. It's a plus that it's invisible, no white power making me look grey. Has slightly more fragrance that I was expecting, but not too overwhelming. I'll have to try a few more times until I really make up my mind, but so far looking good.

K- I love trying out the dry shampoos. I am someone who does not wash my hair everyday because it becomes way to stripping to my hair, so on day two I need a boost. I am very excited to try this one as mom said she actually liked it.

A -  I love that this is 30 spf instead of 15 like most. I also love that it's an spf and a primer. Paraben free! It's also water resistant, which is important to me because I'm one of those who actually does wear makeup to the beach/pool.

K- PARABEN FREE! I love seeing those words! and SPF! for my fair delicate skin. I am excited to test this out this summer!

A - I really like that this comes in a roll-on. But it's still perfume, so automatically goes into the gifting basket. Both of us already placed these in the perfume sample bag we are putting together.

K- I hate floral perfume. into the give away pile.

25% coupon code included

A - It's much rougher than I imagined it to be, and it's surprising to me because it's also much thinner. I thought this line from the website was interesting "While using the mitt in the shower or bath, you will visibly see dead skin cells which appear like small rolls coming off". uh, huh? I'm secretly hoping this means rolls of winter fat rolling off, but not holding my breath. I'm definitely trying on elbows and knees. We'll see how rough it really is before I try anywhere else.

K-I am very excited to try this! I love rougher exfoliating clothes so this will be put to good use! 

15% coupon code included
A - I love that FabFitFun always places a fitness item in the box. This month, well, we just got a mini stability ball in PopSugar last week. This one will sit around and be an extra if ever needed. I will definitely try the mini stability ball. Ok, I say that every single time I get an exercise product. Some day I will mean it. On the other hand, I am very happy to see the DVD with this, so I have instructions on how to make it useful.

K- I love love love getting fitness items in boxes, however as mom mentioned we got one in Popsugar this month, so this is a duplicate. However, this one comes with a DVD that I can use too! i think that this will get put to good use!

If you aren't familiar with FabFitFun, it's a quarterly box, and the curator is Guiliana Rancic. We paid $49.99, and this month has a $175 value. This is one of the more pricier subs, but then again, it is only quarterly and all products are full-size.

A - This is one of the boxes that both K and I both get, so it's super fun to get her take on the items, and also to see what each got differently. My favorite part of this sub is receiving items I have never heard of, never thought of, and that are original and unique. Based on that criteria, my favorite items this time are the shower bath bombs and the Cult Gai Turband.

K- I loved this months box! I wasn't thrilled when I first read the spoilers but in person I loved it! The turban is amazing and I cannot wait to order another! I am excited to try out the primer, dry shampoo, the mitt, and the shower bombs!

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