Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sample Society - March 2014 Review

I am new to Beauty Bar Sample Society, this is my first box. As usual, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I received 5 products. All sample sizes, as expected. The box is $15/month, which totals $16.43 with shipping or tax, not sure which one. The box made is fairly obvious who this was from, so I knew what it was upon arrival.

A box within a box! It's much smaller than I imagined. Hmm, I feel like I've said that before, but I just can't quite place when.
Very pretty tissue paper, and matching stuffing inside too.

At first I thought this was a info card. It is the same size as an info card. It's printed on glossy thick paper like an info card. But upon closer inspection, I realized it was not talking about the samples that were in the box. It was a little brochure discussing the top five trends of Spring. I was surprised to see it was completely unrelated to what was in the box. Interesting reading though. I think this was the advice from Allure this month. I hope they always include something like this. I especially liked the advice on textured updos, and will put that to use someday.

Hanskin Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream SPF30  - The back of the tube is written in Korean. I followed none of it. Here is what my imagination says it's saying "it provides coverage, anti-aging protection, sun protection, and cell renewal, all in one tube. Evens skin tone by completely covering skin blemishes, freckles, pores, and fine lines." Ok, Ok, I took that off the website. It's too late in the day for me to come up with that on my own!

Alterna CC Caviar Cream - Caviar CC Cream - or "Complete Correction" Cream - is a miracle leave-in product for hair that delivers 10 benefits: Moisture, Shine, Smoothness, Softness, Anti-Breakage, Heat Protection, Light Hold, UV Protection, Manageability, Strength. I want my hair to have all these things! This is automatically going in my travel bag for my next trip. It's the perfect size for a short business trip that I have coming up.   

Jane Tran hair accessory - Jane Tran Bobby pins. These are super cute. I've received Jane Tran pins before in other boxes. I'm probably gifting these because they are so cute.

Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner - A moisturizing, natural bronzer and self-tanner for face and body. The sample is too small to really try anywhere but the face for one or two times. I'm hoping the citrus fragrance is not too strong as sometimes they are with tanners. I have such fair skin that sometimes when winter has gone on a little too long, I feel like a Casper. My secret method for getting a little color is applying sunscreen liberally, then self-tanner, then going out into the sun for a bit. This combination works wonderful. I do this on vacation, hoping that upon return I don't look as exhausted as I really am from all that relaxing.

MD SolarSciences SPF 30 Mineral Tinted Crème - Lightweight tinted creme, infused with ProVention-R antioxidants, leaves skin with an even, matte finish. Long-lasting and water resistant up to 80 minutes. Non-Comedogenic.

Even though I only placed a quarter in one of the pics, the smallest one, all samples are about the same size. It is great to have different products to try. It was fun to try this box this month. I will be trying again, but I'm not sold on keeping this one just yet. I think the small size of the samples is kind of throwing me off a little bit. At least they are foil packets. I definitely prefer the boxes that have a combination of luxury sample size and full size products. I'm not making my mind up just yet, but I'm not convinced I'm keeping this one.

Please comment and let me know if you have tried Sample Society, and what do you think of the box?