Saturday, May 31, 2014

QVC Samples May 2014 Review

QVC was kind enough to send these sample items. It was a great surprise since we had no warning they were sending it.

 Philosphy Purity made simple one-step facial cleanser - I love the Philosophy products, I've never tried the facial cleanser, but I'm thrilled to throw in my travel bag for my next trip, which will be in a few weeks. This hydrates and melts away makeup, cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up, and most importantly, Fragrance Free!!$uslarge$
St. Tropez self tanner - for face. I have this brand in full size of the body self tanner. Have yet to try it, but I have recently received the mitt to use for it.
Supersmile Toothpase + Accelerator - I wish this was a bigger sample, because sometimes you just need more to evaluate results.

Thanks QVC!

The Style Box by SocialBliss May 2014 Review

Soo excited to get the Style Box by Social Bliss!! I'm way behind on reviews, but I couldn't wait to open this month.
 Hello Gorgeous! Tee Hee.  Never. Gets. Old.
Izzy and Ali Mini-Maven Coin Purse $39 - I was really hoping for a dark color, so I'm thrilled to get this. It has a really cute zipper handle, and feels good quality. This is perfect for storing smaller items in a bigger bag, which I tend to do when I'm at conferences and need a place for my lipgloss. 
The Crème Shop Purification Clothes $4 - these are cleansing towelettes with protein and brightening.
 MyTies Wrist Bliss Hair ties - $4 - This is a cream color with gold dots, and is really cute. Who doesn't need extra hair ties? Especially this time of year.
 The Crème Shop mini eyelash curler - $7 - This is a complete waste of space. I think you can curl one or two eyelashes at a time, I don't even think I understand this. It did come with extra pads though.
 Fusion Beauty Lift Fusion M tox cream $140 - can be used with or without moisturizer, day or night. This is basically a face serum. Which I love. Especially expensive ones. I'm extremely happy this is full size. This is my favorite item in the box.
The Spa Package - $15 - It says this comes with a headband, but I didn't see that, instead I saw a back loofah. I'm not overly impressed with this kit, although I do like getting loofahs and sponges.

I'm kinda liking this box. I paid $37.90 and the value is listed as $209.

GlossyBox May 2014 Bergdorf Goodman Review

I've been traveling, so once again, I am pretty far behind on reviews. I was very happy to see several boxes I was waiting on this month once I returned home. The Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman was waiting for me, and I had to open it right away!
Such a cute purple box! Similar to the monthly pink ones, that I love, but this month in cool purple!
The info card this month included a $25 gift card code to Bergdorf Goodman, which I will absolutely be using!
 First Glance.
Lancer Lift Serum Intense  - full size is $275 (uh, wowzer!) - I love serums, even though I have never tried this brand. it has stem cell recovery complex, which sounds like something everyone could benefit from.
Kevyn Aucoin - Full size cost is $32 - The essential Mascara - I am someone who is not opposed to tiny mascara samples, since they fit in my travel bag so nicely. This isn't the smallest mascara I've seen, so I'm happy with the size. I have never heard of this brand either.
Alterna Caviar CC Cream - Full size cost is $25 - I'm a huge fan of CC creams, so I'm happy to see this. I've tried this brand before, several times, so I'm good with it. This particular one is a Leave in protector for hair.
Napoleon Purdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer  - Full size cost is $45 - I like skin primers. I usually use Smashbox primers, but I'm happy to try another brand.
Revive Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum - Full size cost is $350 (double wowzer!)- I am completely out of eye serum so this is good timing. I am a fan of this brand, Love, Love, Love, and this is my favorite item in this months box.

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue - Full size cost is $140 - two things I can't stand, Rose and Perfume. Combined. This is getting tossed into the gift box pronto!

I'm so thrilled with this months box, this one is a huge win for me!

Beauty DNA - May 2014 Review

I was so excited to see what Beauty DNA had in store for me this month. I am really liking this subscription.
 I love the Body Report card, and how personalized it is.
This month I got Kiehls Crème de Corps $48- The original Rich Nourishing Cream. It's designed to treat dry skin, and is well suited for my fair complexion. It contains almond oil, aloe vera, and cocoa butter, which I love. It does not contain Lavender or Rose, both of which I hate. I think what surprised me most, was this is fragrance free.

I'm very happy with the selection this month. This is something I might not have picked for myself, but I'm really liking it. It does not feel greasy, absorbs fairly quickly, and my hands feel soft.

Avon May 2014 Review

I received my May Avon order. My Avon Rep is Stephanie Jensen
AVON Footworks beautiful deep moisturizing feet.
Avon Skin So Soft - Orignal
Avon Blush

Mark 3 piece set - in Lemon scent. I have tried these set, and I'm loving it! I love any type of lemon scented lotions and soaps, so this is a win for me. I have never tried the scent stick, it's like a gel form. I'm not sure it's working as intended for me, it kind of breaks up.

Sephora Sun Safety Kit

Saturday, May 17, 2014

PopSugar April 2014 Bonus Item Review

PopSugar Must Have Box indicated that in the April box they had intended to include one more item. This came to me this month in a separate mailing this today, and was a happy surprise.
I am a huge fan of the vbeaute product line, so I'm thrilled to get this today! I've tried it already, it's like a shiny lip gloss, with a slight tint, that could possibly enhance your lip color, but it's mostly sheer. 
PopSugar Must Have Box- $39.99/monthly. Use the code REFER5 to get $5 off.  One of the most popular subscription boxes. Hand selected full sized premium items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. 

Ipsy May 2014 Review

I wasn't expecting anything today, so I checked the mail just a few minutes ago. If I had known my Ipsy bag was coming, I would have definitely been on this hours ago. The theme this month is "Fresh Picks"
I think it's cute that the name Ipsy is written in the leaves of the design.
 Crown Brush Pro Blending - I was hoping for a brush. In fact, I'm hoping I start getting more brushes and tools in the future.
 Hang Ten Classic Sport natural SPF 50 Sunscreen - Very happy with this. I prefer to use at least an SPF 50, so I'm thrilled to see this.
Pur-Lisse Hydra balance moisturizer - always happy to see a pur-lisse product, although this is much smaller than I usually get.
 Pacifica mineral Eyeshadow Duo #2 - I like the color combo with this one. It's a pretty mauve and shimmery cream. But I don't need any more eyeshadows, this goes into the gift basket.
Nailtini nail lacquer in Champagne - This is full size, and I LOVE the color. Not to mention, the bottle shape is great, and the martini on the cover is so cute! This is my far my favorite item this month!!
This has been my favorite Ipsy bag so far. I'm thrilled with the makeup brush, and the SPF 50 sunscreen, and the Nailtini nail lacquer is my favorite item this month.
Ipsy is $10/month and you get 4-5 deluxe and full size products. There is a waiting list and it can take a couple months to get off the waiting list, so better to sign up and then decide if you are interested while you are waiting.


Cate and Chloe May 2014 part 2 Review

I just received the Cate and Chloe May box, 2nd shipment. Looks like I might be back on track with shipments now, other than I never did receive a "welcome" package, whatever that might be.
I continue to love the pretty bow, and I like seeing the different colors each month, just classy.
The box inside also had a pretty bow.
Julie Youthful Bracelet - I love this bracelet and was hoping for one this month. I love the beads, the fluidity, it's a nice day piece, I'm happy with it.
 This is showing the clasp, it has three different rings so you can adjust it according to size. I never quite trust this type of clasp, I'm afraid it will slip off and I'll never notice. I'll be wearing for sure just to test this theory out.
 I wanted to see what it looked like on, and it's quite pretty.
This is the info card, telling about this months product. Valued at $99. I think their prices are way too high for this type of jewelry, and I would not be paying that for these pieces. But I do think this is a good value when participating in the monthly VIP program, since you get two pieces a month you pay about $20 each.
Cate and Chloe- $39.99 a month/ Receive one item every 15 days. Free shipping and they offer the freedom to exchange any item you don't love. And first month you sign up you receive a free bonus gift. You can use the discount code BrierReview20 to receive 20% off for the month to month sign up. Please use our name if you sign up, we get credit for referrals.