Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dollar Shave Club Review

I decided to try the Dollar Shave Club, after hearing about it from several different sources. The shipping was amazingly fast once I signed up. This sub is geared toward guys, but I happen to actually like guy razors. Dollar Shave Club is very reasonably priced. I pay $6/month, and they send you four blades a month. I was paying much more than that, so this is a good deal. You also have the option to only do every other month.
I tried the middle line razor, the four blade, called the 4X. I'm still evaluating it, but I've used it for over a week. I'm not quite convinced I like it better than the Hydro 5 that I'm currently using. I'm not even sure I like it equally. But it's not tearing up my skin either, like I was afraid it would.
They also sent me a sample of the Shave Butter. It's like a lotion. I don't really care for Shave lotions, but this is not even a quality one. My recommendation is skip this stuff.

Dollar Shave Club  has several different price points.
The Humble Twin, 2 Blades - $1/mo and you get 5 blades
4X, 4 Blades - $6/mo and you get 4 blades
The Executive, 6 Blades - $9/mo and you get 4 blades a month