Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Glossybox - Special Edition Mothers Day - May 2014 Review

The GlossyBox Special Edition Mothers Day box arrived today. I ordered this the second it was announced since GlossyBox continues to be one of my favorite boxes. I was hoping it would arrive on time when I ordered it, but then that is a lot to expect from GlossyBox. And honestly, I had completely forgotten I had ordered it by this point, so I was thrilled to be surprised with it when I got home today!!
It came in a floral box this time, same size as the normal GlossyBox, but not the standard pink. I liked that.
Awww, Happy Mothers Day to me!!  
 First Look!
Pureology Dry Conditioner - Luxury Sample Size $4.80 - I had just received this very item in the Allure Box, the full size version, but I have not gotten around to trying it yet. I'm not really a fan of dry shampoos, but maybe I'll feel differently with a dry conditioner? The concept just blows my mind.
Skin Inc Brightening Serum  FULL SIZE - $135 (whew)-  I was unable to find this exact blend on their website, and the serums are quite pricey, but this is what the info card said so I'm going with that. I'm a huge fan of serums, so I'm happy to see this. I'll take all I can get. This particular one is listed as a cutom blend of 3 different serums, Vitamin A, Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid, specially formulated to tackle dullness and tiredness. I guess that means it's like coffee. For skin.
Caldrea Body Lotion in Tea Olive Lime  -  FULL SIZE $22   I was thrilled to read the flavor combination because the ingredients sound like a combination I should be able to handle. However, like most Caldrea products, this is way too scented for me. I'm passing this on.
Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer - FULL SIZE $22 This stuff protects your hair from heat, up to 450 degrees. It works just like a prep product, just spray on before you start blowdrying.  I normally use a Bumble & Bumble product, which I'm almost out of, so I'll be trying this.
Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Envy - Full size-  $20 LOVE the color, it's not too red and not too orange. It's a great every day lipstick. I'm thrilled this was included, I was ready for a new lipstick. Also, I really like the packaging.
I'm thrilled with this box, very happy with most of the items. The value is around $205, and I only paid $40. I was especially pleased to see so many full size items this time. If you are interested please email and we will send you an invitation. We get glossydots, but I don't know what you would get.