Friday, May 2, 2014

Julep Maven May Box and Plie Wand Review 2014

My May Julep Maven box finally came!!! I think this was the most anticipation ever for a box!! Ever since they announced the Plie Wand in November I have been looking forward to trying it out!! But from the forums I feel like I was the only person in world excited about it. I love the concept, and I love that they changed the cap idea, so that all nail polishes can be used so my older colors can be used with it. Before, they were planning on changing just the julep caps, so that only new julep polishes could be used with it, but there was an uproar in the community, so they switched it to have and add on piece so all juleps will fit it. They also included extra brushes so you can use other brands as well. If you aren't familiar with Julep it costs $20 a month and you get $40 worth of nail polish and products.

The colors I got this month in my Boho Glam box were Jeanne (blue) and Paulette (pink). Jeanne is like a sky blue and I love it! I tried it on already and can't stop staring at it! it dries evenly and coats great! I haven't tried Paulette yet. I liked the color more in person than I did online, but I have a lot of pinks. It's described as a golden lilac tulle shimmer.

Here is the Plie Wand! It came with a really informative booklet that tells you how to use and care for  it. I used it right away and I loved it!!!! It was everything I was hoping for. I made painting a lot easier and just felt fancy! I used it straight with my dominant hand and then bent it for my non dominant hand. The only con was when it's bent you can't just flip to the other side of the paint brush to disperse the nail polish but it still worked well.

The Plie wand also came with a spare precision brush. I am super happy to see an extra because I will be using the wand with my other polishes!

Creativity Kit Add-On ($4.99)
I was really excited about the creativity kit add on and set my alarm to get up in time to get it, because lately everything cool has been sold out by the afternoon. And as I suspected it did sell out and people were not happy. So I was very happy I got it. I already used the dotting tool and made polka dots. It was really easy. I just poured nail polish on a wax paper and dipped it in. I can't wait to try the striping tool but I know that will require more skill!

I really love Juleps quote cards, they always have the cutest ones. Totally kicking myself for buying the Bare Face Cleansing Oil already, but maybe I need a spare ;]

Overall I am very happy with this box!! I love this months colors and the maven wand and the creativity kit! I cannot wait to paint my nails again! And probably won't skip next month!

So this month they announced they were adding on the color crush profile and also integrating a completely customizable profile option starting in June. My Maven option will let you swap out your profile nail polish colors for others ones for an addition $5 a month. They are also implementing the Maven Luxe which gives you $60 worth of products and is customizable and will be $39.99/mo. What I don't like about these new options is that once you upgrade to these choices you will not be allowed to go back, but thankfully you still get to keep your skipping privileges. I am debating if it's worth $5 more to customize as there is always one color I don't love and never gets used, but $5 is a lot to just be able to choose a color. So we will see if I upgrade or not. What did you guys think of the new Plie wand and new options?

*UPDATE* I used nail polish remover on the wand and the cap and ruined them :( it gave off a really bad plastic smell and ate through the glaze on the wand and made it bumpy and smells horrible!