Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

What I'm Raving About This Week!

Eye Majic Eye Shadow - We recently received this in a sub box. I thought it was unique and intriguing. This is eye shadow that takes you about 10 seconds to apply, but looks like a pro put it together.
This set came with 2 pairs, so both K and I tried it. Eye Majic Eye Shadow is designed for the girl who doesn't know how to use eye shadow, or which colors to mix together and in what order. Both K and I know how to use eye shadow, and are already fairly skilled at mixing and blending, but this product takes way less time. 
Basically, you just place the pad over your eyelid, line up as close to the eyelash line as possible, and then swipe away from your face. One side of the pad has the color, the other side is  used for blending, which is needed just a little bit where the colors change. This pic is after I had done my swipes, so I think I could have pressed a little harder to get a darker shade. One side of the pad has the color, the other side is to be used for blending, which worked great.
It was super easy to use, quick, and good for doing makeup in the busy mornings. We really liked Eye Majic Eye Shadowand are already buying more. I plan to have handy in my travel bag, because who has time, or space, for full makeup when your out of town. 

June Jacobs Spa Collection Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque

What I'm Raving About this Week

June Jacobs Spa Collection Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque - $60. This is an exfoliating masque for a smoother, more refined complexion. I have received this many times, but have never gotten around to trying it. Now that I have, not sure why I waited so long.
This is a smooth cream, but I'm not sure what I was expecting. Maybe something grainy? This is not. I wasn't sure how much to use, but a little goes a long way. This has an antioxidant blend to counteract environmental toxins and prevent premature skin aging.
This made my skin feel smoother, but this is not hydrating. I did still feel the need to follow up with a rich moisturizer. I think it's because of the weather. The best part about this is the fragrance is yummy! The papaya, mango and pineapple enzymes mix smell amazing. I will definitely use every drop of this!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Super Grip Lock Review

*This item was sent to us for review purposes*

What I'm Raving About This Week

The Super Grip Lock is an accessory for your deadbolt lock. Basically, it strengthens your aready existing lock.
This looks simple enough to use. The concepts is that you wrap it around your deadbolt and door handle. This makes it impossible for anyone to open the deadbolt lock, even with a key. Reminds me of what Wilma would have wanted when she was mad at Fred.
I am showing the Super Grip Lock on a regular sized place met, to show you the length. This is super flexible and can easily bend to cover any door handle. I'm showing it on a door that has a butterfly handle.
The included instructions were easy to read and follow the steps. Even so, it took me a couple of tries to get it right.
INCORRECT - This was my first try, but then I had to go back and review the directions.
CORRECT - This is the way it's supposed to work. This sets the deadbolt in place, and even with a key it cannot move. It provides extra security because the handle cannot move. It's important to do it right and ensure that it's tight enough, otherwise someone with a key could still use it.

This is great for helping secure your own home, but I'm probably going to use it the most when we are travelling. I think it just helps with peace of mind. I found it on Amazon for $4.25. This is mostly made of Velcro, so I can imagine it wearing out eventually. In the meantime, I'll be using it!

Swiffer® 360° Dusters™ Review


What I'm Raving About This Week!

*This item was sent to us for review purposes*
Swiffer® 360° Dusters™ - $4.99. We received this from BzzAgent, which is a product review service. They sent you products to review, for free. The price I listed is for the starter kit, and there is also a coupon online for $2 off. With Dust Lock Adhesive™ and 50% more fibers than regular dusters, this amazing all-around design cleans deep into grooves to trap and lock up to 3X more dust than a feather duster.
This is a pic of my table before and after use. I have dark colored furniture, so even a little dust/cat hair shows up quickly, and it's important to me to keep things as dust free as possible. This also means that I need a duster that attracts dust and not just moves it.
This works on all kinds of ledges and corners.  When I dust, I tend to use the same rag or tool for everything and I do a quick run through.
The best feature of the Swiffer® 360° Dusters™ is the extendable arm. This helps me reach the top ledge from the closets and the top of the TV that sits high up on the wall.  I like that this is easy enough to use, and most importantly is really light weight. It seriously only weighs a couple ounces.

BarkBox March 2016 Review

Bark Boxis a pet subscription box that includes 4-6 healthy treats, toys, and other useful stuff. You fill out your profile, including any allergies, and packages are customized for small, medium, or large pups. If your dog isn’t happy with an item, they promise to fix it.
Cost: $29.99/month, 3 month subscription ($24/mo), 6 month subscription ($21/mo), or a 12 month subscription ($19/mo). Shipping is Free: Lower 48/$5 outside Lower 48 and to Canada
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States (lower 48) & Canada DHL-USPS
Bark Box kindly sent this box for review. This box is designed for the heavy chewer. K is in Costa Rica, so Sailor is off visiting relatives in Portland until she returns. We will hopefully be able to post updates when he is able to get his box.
The theme this month is Sherlock Bones. Haha, LOVE IT! They always have the most creative themes, and the toys always center around it.
My Doggy Mini Soft-Baked Cookies in Peanut Butter - $8. In the corner it says "Whodunnit?", and I love the magnifying glass with the paw print. I love how it fits the months theme.
I'd rather be with my DOG Paleo Treats - $8. We received Salmon, Whitefish, & Tuna Recipe. These are grain free, gluten, and soy-free. Made in the USA.
Sherlock Hat - $10. This is the 4.25" size, and is perfect for Sailor. This is perfect for this months theme. This is very sturdy for the chewer, yet cute enough to be proud of.
Smoking Own Pork & Sweet Potato Sticks - I was unable to find this online, but this is made by Sawmill Creek Smokehouse. I think this package was put together specifically for Bark Box. All Natural and real hickory wood smoked -Made with human grade pork loin and sweet potato -Sourced and Made in USA by our family owned and operated business in South Carolina -Without fillers, preservatives, chemicals, additives, or grains. 
Outward Hound Dog Treat Maze - $14. This is the small size. This is a fun, flip, & treat game. We really love toys that encourage your pup to think. Sailor needs this type of stimulation, so this is perfect for him. He will have to spend time figuring out how to get his reward out, so he will be motivated to try.
This months BarkBox was awesome. We really love it and hope to update with pics of Sailor actually playing with the toys when he gets back from vacation.

Beauty DNA March 2016 Reivew

Beauty DNA - is a monthly subscription service that will send you one FULL SIZE skincare or hair care item each month, I’ve occasionally received two items. The cost is $25/month. They have a unique matching system, where you fill out your likes/dislikes profile and you shouldn’t receive items that you don't like. You will also never receive the same product twice.
Cost: $25/month
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via UPS Ground

Beauty DNA sends a full size card on thick paper to describe the product and to describe why it was picked for you. They will include ingredients you like and ingredients that are not included because you don't like them. They generally pick good matches for me.
Phyto-C Serum Fifteen - $77. This provides extraordinary antioxidant protection against UV damage; boosts collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles; retrains melanin formation and pigmentation; strengthens skin barrier. Use once in the morning only 2-3 drops are needed.  You can use on face, neck, and chest. I have been looking for a new serum, I'm kinda bored with the one I'm using. You will never receive the same type of item more than once a year, and always full size.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

GlossyBox - is a beauty subscription box that sends five products each month. There are a lot of brands that you cannot get here in the US. They send makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and other related items. They have a great rewards program that allows you to get a free box annually, and more often if you refer friends.
Cost: $21/month or $222/annually
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States (excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) and Canada via USPS
Glossybox has the best boxes in the business. They also make good shipping boxes if you tape it up. They also include an info card that explains about the products.
 I Love…Cosmetics Super Soft Hand Lotion  - $6. This is the  75mL / 2.5fl.oz size. I like this stuff and it does smell like coconut.
 Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick  - $8.40. This is a full size. The color I received was Chihuahua, not sure if there were other colors sent out. This color is a little too pink for me so I'll be listing on MSA.
Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream - $39.89. There were two small pots included. I like that they sent two so there is enough to check how the product works for you. I am not familiar with this brand, so I don't have any thoughts at this point.
Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner -11.43. Another black eyeliner. This will be listed on MSA. I think we receive black eyeliner the most frequent out of any product in sub boxes. I'm sure this is a good brand, but I don't even wear black eyeliner.
Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush -$16. I love Luxie brushes, they are really soft and I like the pink color with the gold writing. This is my favorite item this month.

Beauty Fix March 2016 Review

Beauty Fix - is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box service from You will receive full and travel size items worth at least $100. They send items from well known brands. All items are sold on their website. you generally get a coupon each month as well. If you are interested, contact us and we can send you an email link that will get you $10 towards your account. 
Cost: $24.95/month
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via USPS

I like the info card for Beauty Fix boxes. It's nice quality and two sided. It explains about the products really well.
dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Thing with Evermat - This is a pore-refining gel, it removes excess oil. This removes excel oil from your T-zone.
Here is a pic of the actual item. I think this is the cutest packaging ever!
Radical Skincare Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum - I love this stuff. I hope it works, it's sure pricey, full size is $190. Firms, tones, and evens skin in just 4 weeks.
DermStore LipQuench Sheer Tints Coral Sunset - $12. This is full size included. I do like DermStore Lip Quench, but I'm not overly crazy about this color. It's sheer though, so it doesn't matter too much.
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tropical - As far as dry shampoo's go, this is a pretty good brand. I especially like the scent is tropical.
Dermstore Small Travel Bag - This is smaller than I thought it would be, but it is a nice travel bag. I like that it can be used for intimates for a quick weekend trip.
Glytone Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 40 - Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm always pleased to get sunscreen. This size is perfect to throw in my bag for a touchup on a day trip. 
Nick Chavez advanced Plump 'N Thickening Conditioner - I have received this before and I'm not a fan of this brand. I'm sure it would work fine for others.
Paula's Choice Resist Vitamin C Spot Treatment - I like Paula's Choice. It's a good brand and I've received it many times before. This balances out pigmentation and is a great spot treatment.
This months box was pretty good, only 1 item I won't use. I think my favorite is the travel bag and the Radical Skincare Serum.