Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fabletics March 2016 Review

Fabletics  is a fitness wear subscription box that is co-founded by Kate Hudson. You can skip or pick each month. If you choose to pick then you pick out a complete outfit. If you forget to skip, they will charge you the monthly fee and then you will get credited to your account. They do send  you an email reminder to pick/skip, but if you are out of town, away from email, then you will end up getting charged. They do not let you set up the skip ahead of time, which I personally find inconvenient.
Cost: $49 - $89/month.
How Often: Monthly
Ships To: United States via USPS
Coronado Convertible Tank - $39.95/ VIP $24.95. I love the style of this, and I really love that you can wear it either way. But the quality is NOT there. The quality can be hit/miss with Fabletics, and this is a complete miss. The material is really thin and feels like it could stretch out to easily in the wrong places. I do love that you can pick which way to wear it, but you are going to have to commit to one way or another, otherwise your back will have boob stretch showing.
Lorraine Skirt - $44.95/ VIP $29.95. I originally got this a few months ago, but there was a sizing issue (my error, not Fabletics), so I swapped it over on MSA, and repurchased the correct size.  I love this skirt. It's a really cute tennis skirt and has just the right amount of stretch. I'm showing you the back of it, and if you can see, there is a zipper that is perfect to keep a key in.
The one thing about this company that is not cool is the cancellation procedure. You cannot cancel online, you must call them. And it must be during their business hours. And you must have a lot of free time in order to do this successfully. I have tried several times over the past couple of months, but since my day during normal business hours is quite busy, I could not devote the time on this. This time I happened to have an afternoon I was able to ensure I got this done, and it took me three tries. Each time I called I had to go through the computer system, which you speak to like a human, and it interviews you. When it's confident that the reason you are calling is because you want to cancel it will transfer you to an agent, where you get to go through the entire questionnaire all over again. The first time I got transferred, I was placed on hold for over 15 minutes, then my call was suddenly disconnected. The second time I was placed on hold for almost as long, I did get to an agent, but before she could confirm she was processing the cancellation the call again disconnected. The third time I called the agent was very polite, but kept repeating her memorized speech in an effort to get me to change my mind. She also offered 500 points. I declined, because frankly this was such a hassle it wouldn't have mattered what she was offering. Who has this kind of time to spend just trying to cancel? Why can't they just offer an online cancellation like everyone else? This makes me hesitant to even consider trying again in the future. The process is ridiculous!