Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

What I'm Raving About This Week!

Eye Majic Eye Shadow - We recently received this in a sub box. I thought it was unique and intriguing. This is eye shadow that takes you about 10 seconds to apply, but looks like a pro put it together.
This set came with 2 pairs, so both K and I tried it. Eye Majic Eye Shadow is designed for the girl who doesn't know how to use eye shadow, or which colors to mix together and in what order. Both K and I know how to use eye shadow, and are already fairly skilled at mixing and blending, but this product takes way less time. 
Basically, you just place the pad over your eyelid, line up as close to the eyelash line as possible, and then swipe away from your face. One side of the pad has the color, the other side is  used for blending, which is needed just a little bit where the colors change. This pic is after I had done my swipes, so I think I could have pressed a little harder to get a darker shade. One side of the pad has the color, the other side is to be used for blending, which worked great.
It was super easy to use, quick, and good for doing makeup in the busy mornings. We really liked Eye Majic Eye Shadowand are already buying more. I plan to have handy in my travel bag, because who has time, or space, for full makeup when your out of town.