Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The RackTrap Review

*This item was sent to Brier Review for review purposes*

What I'm Raving About This Week

The Racktrap is for those ladies who tend to use their bra to store items such as credit cards, cash, ID, etc, and who doesn't at least occasionally do that?! The Racktrap is made of a very soft material. Since it's designed to be stored in your bra, it's important that it be comfortable. I was unable to notice or feel the seams while using it.
The Racktrap comes in many different patterns and colors and I love the black lace one that we received. I'm showing this with next to a quarter, just for scale. This can easily and discreetly fit into just about any bra.
This closes by securing the Velcro together. This is very strong, so it can even hold change with no concern of it falling out. This is really important if you plan to throw in a house key.
The best benefit is that it keeps all your items together combined together in one location. I'm showing with a credit card so you can see it can fit easily, along with your ID, and there's plenty of room for cash. You could even fit a mini lipgloss as well. Perfect for a night out where a purse would just weigh you down.
The Special Edition Gold - $7.95. This is the lowest price one, and it's personally my favorite.
The Sweatproof Sports - $9.95. This is perfect for storing a house key while out jogging.
The fashion threepack  - $15.95. This includes black lace, white lace and nude lace all together.