Friday, April 22, 2016

FitBark Review

My household has been on a health kick recently, and after Sailor's trainer said he was a little overweight and being fed too much I have paid more attention to his portions and how much exercise he has been getting. After a year of eyeing this product, I finally decided to purchase the FitBark for $69.99 on Amazon to help track how much he is exercising and how he stacks up to other dogs. I knew he wasn't getting enough exercise before it, but this has helped us to get more active together. We have started doing daily walks together and playing more ball! I love that the app allows you to link your own FitBit as well.

Its pretty small and he doesn't seem to even notice it on his collar. 
It charges through USB cord and is water proof and rugged. You use Bluetooth on your phone to sync to the tracker. At one point they did offer a wifi base to purchase separately that links the tracker to your wifi so you can check it when you are away, but it seems they have discontinued it. 

They had a few different colors but I chose blue to match his collar. 

This is the app interface. You set up a profile and put in your dogs age and breed in order for them to determine his goal "bark points" of similar dogs. The top number is what he achieved today and the bottom is his goal. 

The app breaks it down even further so you can see the type of activity and the time of day it happened. I think it's great to be able to see how much, or really how little he moved while I was away at work as well as to see the actual measured time he was active.

This allows you to see day to day comparisons and overall snap shot of the week. 

Overall, I am so happy with this product, even though this purchase solidifies my crazy dog mom status lol! I would recommend this product to anyone who is concerned that their dog isn't getting enough activity or if you want to compare to your own activity as well. This is a really great monitoring tool that you can use to make sure your dog is still healthy and active. The FitBark has really inspired us to go on more walks, and through diet and exercise we have seen weight loss over the week. I have gotten more exercise from this as well!! I can't wait to see how his activity measures when we start agility or herding classes soon!

-K and S