Friday, June 19, 2015

Serendipity by LLB - Review May 2015

Serendipity by LLB is a new subscription box offered by Little Lace Box. Currently it is free to those who subscribe to the regular LLB box.  It is $9.99/mo for those who are not active subscribers. It will ship bi-monthly, on the opposite months of when LLB ships. I am behind on postings, but I did receive this a couple weeks ago, and it was a surprise. They had mentioned a surprise, but I didn't know what it would be. The package will include 5-7 sample sizes, but some full size as well.
This arrived in a red bubble pouch, similar to ipsy.
This included the same type of letter they send in the regular boxes. Sorry the pics aren't that good. I really like these letters because one side tells us about the items included and the other side is a letter written from them explaining the theme of the next months LLB box. Next month will be Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Sometimes I can guess the types of items included, but this time I'm stumped. I am guessing Victorian, but I'm not sure I'm right. The Serendipity box will not have a theme, sounds like random item will be included, which I'm totally fine with. Everything seemed cohesive this month.
This pic shows all the items. There was also a cute birthday card included, but I missed it in this pic.
Bordeaux Lip Gloss by OFRA Cosmetics - $12.95, Full size included. This is a very pretty burgundy color. The shade is Bordeaux.
Plum Lip Liner by OFRA Cosmetics - $13, Full size included. I think this is a pretty color, but I personally have never gotten into wearing lip liners. I'm not even sure I fully understand them. The few times I tried, the lipstick wore off but the lip liner stayed in place. Not a pretty look.
Universal Eyebrow Pencil - by OFRA Cosmetics - $13. I can always use an extra eyebrow pencil. When I'm home, I use my brow gel that is in a little pot, but when I'm on the road I prefer a pencil since it takes less space in my travel pack and is less likely to break open.
Brode Electrolyte Vitamin - $4. I have never heard of this brand, but I'm totally willing to try. I personally do not do well taking vitamins on an empty stomach, so I'll be trying with food. I think my favorite part was the little card that gave tips on when/how to use. Flying was included so I may be trying this on my flight next week.
Bella Ink Designs Birthday Card - $3.95. I love that a card was included. I have taken this to work, where I find that I always need an extra birthday card around. I do not ever keep track of birthdays so I find I'm always taken by surprise. This is super cute and might just be my favorite item this month.
There was a coupon included for Cairdean Estate wine, specifically the 2012 Haley Margaret White Wine Blend. This coupon means you can buy two bottle for $38 and pay only $1 for shipping if you order within the next 30 days.  
The value this month was $46.90, which is pretty awesome considering this extra surprise came free. I have only recently heard of OFRA Cosmetics, but I have been impressed with the quality, and price point is not out of reach. I liked getting the Serendipity box and I was impressed with the number of full size items that were included. I hope it remains free to monthly subscribers. I am no longer subscribed to any of the monthly boxes that are similar to this, but this one I want to keep.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Glossybox June 2015 Review

My Glossybox got here today. I have been not getting as much boxes lately, so I was happy to get something. I actually opened it in the garage, didn't wait to get in the house. Glossybox is $21/month. They send a mix of luxury sample sizes and full sizes. If you are interested in Glossybox please email and we will send you an invitation. You can also use coupon code BROWPOW to get a free full-sized IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24 Value) with your first box! I don't know how long this special lasts, but
Glossybox always ships in pink box. They have the best boxes in the business. They also include a nice info card, printed on thick paper.
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - travel size. This is by far my favorite mascara, and in my view, the best on the market. I will never be disappointed to get it in a sub box, no matter what the size. Clearly this is my favorite item this month.
City Cosmetics City Lips In Clear - This was the only full size item included this month. This is a lip plumper that is high shine. It's not just temporary, it's also supposed to stimulate lasting natural collagen production with continued use. That's interesting.
Etre Belle Cosmetics Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturizing Gel - This is a lightweight skin-plumping primer. It's supposed to improve elasticity. I like aloe products. This morning I ran out of my body serum, so I'll see how this works for awhile.
The Aloe Source Luminosity Masque - This is a soothing gel masque with pineapple and papaya enzymes, exfoliates skin and contains aloe. Apply generously, leave on 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.
Orly Nail Lacquer in sheer nude - I love this little mini size bottle. I have never seen this brand in a mini before. This is free of formaldehyde and toluene, which I think is a good thing.
This box did not wow me, but I'm pretty sure I'll be using every item this month. I really am thrilled for the too faced better than sex mascara and I hope to get more of it in the future!

Monday, June 15, 2015

PopSugar Must Have Box June 2015 Review

Once again, I'm behind on reviews, but trying to catch up here. My PopSugar Must Have Box arrived today. I was expecting it at least four days ago, so I'm not sure why everyone else on earth got theirs before I got mine. This month was inspired by Sun-Kissed, Soft Skin, Papaya, Outdoor Fun, Coconut, and Yoga Warrior.
Quay Australia Mandate Sunglasses - $45. I love that sunglasses were included, it's so summer. These are a standard pair, I'm not sure they are worth $45, but the bag that was included is super cute. I always need an extra pair around so these are great.  
Yogitoes Peacock hBand - $4. I was not surprised to see a headband, it seems that PS includes them in the summer months. I don't see me ever wearing a blue one, but I like that a stretchy headband was included. It seems large though.
Spongelle Boxed Flowers-Fleur en Boite - $16. This is a sponge that has the body wash inside of it. You just put it under water and then it will lather. It is also reusable. It cleanses and exfoliates. Brilliant.
Snap Infusion SuperCandy - $4. I really like how PS includes treats. I like that this month is gummy candies. These are packed with B vitamins, so, I guess that means don't eat on an empty stomach?
Sweet & Spark - $30 gift card. This is a gift card for a website that has vintage and flea market jewelry. So, basically, used stuff. There are a couple cute items on the website, but not sure if I'll use this or not, stuff is pretty pricey.
Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette - $14. I do not wear eye shadow, so I will be swapping this over on the MSA swap, but it's pretty cute packaging.
Judy Blume's In the Unlikely Event - $27.95. A book was included this month. It sounds interesting. But...I only use an e-reader. I really just can't imagine holding a big paperback nowadays. It feels so old fashioned.
The value this month is $140.95, but that includes the gift card. I like the sunglasses and the sponge this month. I most likely won't use the other items. Not my favorite month, although this was a nice curation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015



PopSugar Must Have Summer Limited Edition Box Review - June 2015

My Special Edition PopSugar Must Have Box arrived today. I had ordered awhile ago, so I kind of forgot it was coming, and I sure wasn't expecting it today. It's my first box of the month, and what a great one! This box was $100 and sold out quite quickly. I think they do a great job on the summer boxes, so I knew I wanted this one.
The box was much bigger than I thought it would be, bigger than normal, and was in the same really cool black box.
The tissue paper on the outside was a very pretty blue. As with all special edition boxes, everything was individually wrapped. Which makes it super fun to open.
Baggu Weekend Bag in Sailor Stripe - $74. This is absolutely my favorite item in this box! I totally love it, and I don't believe we have ever gotten anything like this in a sub before. This is a cream colored and navy blue stripes. The canvas material is really durable, and the zipper is really strong. I don't' know if you can tell from the pic, but this bag truly is weekender size. LOVE!
Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff Bracelet - $120. This is so much prettier in person. It would have worked great with my outfit today. Unfortunately, I think my wrists are just a little too petite to pull this off. But it's still pretty. At this point, I'm unsure if I'll be listing on the MSA swap or gifting it to a friend who loves this brand is unable to get in her part of the world.
Sunnylife Bach Paddles in Bronte - $26. These are designed to be used at the beach, it's two paddles and a couple balls included. I had to show  you the back of the packaging, I love the adjustable strap that was included. I generally go to the Caribbean when I hit the beach. These are heavier than they look, so I can't imagine packing them. This means I will be unlikely to use them, however, I think it's totally cool they were included. I'll probably gift to my sister, whose family does a lot of camping and beach trips with the kids.
Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil - $80. Shimmer oil with gold particles to help make your skin shimmer. This has jojoba, apricot kernel, calendula oils, and colloidal gold. Also, you can use on your hair. I had to show you a pic of the inside of the box because it's so cool. This is a luxe product and very durable packaging. I'm still undecided if I would use this or not. I'm most likely to use on vacation, but I don't see me packing this. Maybe I just need to plan a beach getaway that isn't so far away?
Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese and Old Fashioned Honey Dipper - $7.50. I love this little jar, and I especially love the old fashioned honey dipper. It's too cute and reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. This is great timing. I was just perusing a smoothie recipe book and there were several of them that required a bit of honey.
Fringe Studio Vintage Anchors Glass Tray - $16. Nice glass tray.
Since this has a nautical theme, it's automatically going to K. I hope she loves it.
I loved this box. It's been one of my favorite Limited Edition boxes. I like the variety of items and the types of items included. Everything was high quality and it felt like a fun birthday gift! The value was around $323, which makes it a great value.