Friday, June 19, 2015

Serendipity by LLB - Review May 2015

Serendipity by LLB is a new subscription box offered by Little Lace Box. Currently it is free to those who subscribe to the regular LLB box.  It is $9.99/mo for those who are not active subscribers. It will ship bi-monthly, on the opposite months of when LLB ships. I am behind on postings, but I did receive this a couple weeks ago, and it was a surprise. They had mentioned a surprise, but I didn't know what it would be. The package will include 5-7 sample sizes, but some full size as well.
This arrived in a red bubble pouch, similar to ipsy.
This included the same type of letter they send in the regular boxes. Sorry the pics aren't that good. I really like these letters because one side tells us about the items included and the other side is a letter written from them explaining the theme of the next months LLB box. Next month will be Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Sometimes I can guess the types of items included, but this time I'm stumped. I am guessing Victorian, but I'm not sure I'm right. The Serendipity box will not have a theme, sounds like random item will be included, which I'm totally fine with. Everything seemed cohesive this month.
This pic shows all the items. There was also a cute birthday card included, but I missed it in this pic.
Bordeaux Lip Gloss by OFRA Cosmetics - $12.95, Full size included. This is a very pretty burgundy color. The shade is Bordeaux.
Plum Lip Liner by OFRA Cosmetics - $13, Full size included. I think this is a pretty color, but I personally have never gotten into wearing lip liners. I'm not even sure I fully understand them. The few times I tried, the lipstick wore off but the lip liner stayed in place. Not a pretty look.
Universal Eyebrow Pencil - by OFRA Cosmetics - $13. I can always use an extra eyebrow pencil. When I'm home, I use my brow gel that is in a little pot, but when I'm on the road I prefer a pencil since it takes less space in my travel pack and is less likely to break open.
Brode Electrolyte Vitamin - $4. I have never heard of this brand, but I'm totally willing to try. I personally do not do well taking vitamins on an empty stomach, so I'll be trying with food. I think my favorite part was the little card that gave tips on when/how to use. Flying was included so I may be trying this on my flight next week.
Bella Ink Designs Birthday Card - $3.95. I love that a card was included. I have taken this to work, where I find that I always need an extra birthday card around. I do not ever keep track of birthdays so I find I'm always taken by surprise. This is super cute and might just be my favorite item this month.
There was a coupon included for Cairdean Estate wine, specifically the 2012 Haley Margaret White Wine Blend. This coupon means you can buy two bottle for $38 and pay only $1 for shipping if you order within the next 30 days.  
The value this month was $46.90, which is pretty awesome considering this extra surprise came free. I have only recently heard of OFRA Cosmetics, but I have been impressed with the quality, and price point is not out of reach. I liked getting the Serendipity box and I was impressed with the number of full size items that were included. I hope it remains free to monthly subscribers. I am no longer subscribed to any of the monthly boxes that are similar to this, but this one I want to keep.