Monday, June 15, 2015

PopSugar Must Have Box June 2015 Review

Once again, I'm behind on reviews, but trying to catch up here. My PopSugar Must Have Box arrived today. I was expecting it at least four days ago, so I'm not sure why everyone else on earth got theirs before I got mine. This month was inspired by Sun-Kissed, Soft Skin, Papaya, Outdoor Fun, Coconut, and Yoga Warrior.
Quay Australia Mandate Sunglasses - $45. I love that sunglasses were included, it's so summer. These are a standard pair, I'm not sure they are worth $45, but the bag that was included is super cute. I always need an extra pair around so these are great.  
Yogitoes Peacock hBand - $4. I was not surprised to see a headband, it seems that PS includes them in the summer months. I don't see me ever wearing a blue one, but I like that a stretchy headband was included. It seems large though.
Spongelle Boxed Flowers-Fleur en Boite - $16. This is a sponge that has the body wash inside of it. You just put it under water and then it will lather. It is also reusable. It cleanses and exfoliates. Brilliant.
Snap Infusion SuperCandy - $4. I really like how PS includes treats. I like that this month is gummy candies. These are packed with B vitamins, so, I guess that means don't eat on an empty stomach?
Sweet & Spark - $30 gift card. This is a gift card for a website that has vintage and flea market jewelry. So, basically, used stuff. There are a couple cute items on the website, but not sure if I'll use this or not, stuff is pretty pricey.
Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette - $14. I do not wear eye shadow, so I will be swapping this over on the MSA swap, but it's pretty cute packaging.
Judy Blume's In the Unlikely Event - $27.95. A book was included this month. It sounds interesting. But...I only use an e-reader. I really just can't imagine holding a big paperback nowadays. It feels so old fashioned.
The value this month is $140.95, but that includes the gift card. I like the sunglasses and the sponge this month. I most likely won't use the other items. Not my favorite month, although this was a nice curation.