Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Honest Company May 2014 Box Review

My Honest Company Essential Bundle also arrived this week! I love this company. Their customer service is beyond amazing. I emailed them to change my order last minute and they were able to do so for me. I also had an issue with my healing balm from a few months ago. It crystalized and became grainy, they have since changed the formula to prevent that and apologized and sent me a new bottle for no cost! Way to provide amazing service! I was disappointed that the EarthDay Tote I order didn't arrive in the box but I got so many perks and free products that I can't really complain! The essential bundle cost $35.95 plus shipping a month (but if you add on items to cost more than $50 there is free shipping). You get to customize which five items you want and can add up to three additional items and save 25% on those items.

Sunscren SPF 30- With summer coming up I need to start stocking up on sunscreen! I am super excited that they are offering an eco friendly sunscreen as regular ones have really harsh chemicals in them.

Organic Body Oil- I can't wait to try this. I got a few bottles so I hope I love it.

Bug Spray- Another item I was happy to see they added on their site in time for summer! It has a strong citronella scent, but smells so much better than the other bug sprays that have strong chemical scents.

Honest auto dishwasher gel- I am stocking up on cleaning supplies so added to my bundle this month.

Honest Laundry Detergent- I am super sensitive to laundry soaps as many of them use heavy metals and I am super allergic, so I am happy to try this out!!

For this month they added the Pomegranate Lip Shimmer as a bonus item! I was so happy to see this and it's going in mom's mothers day gift basket!

Overall I loved this months choices and the bonus item! I have already chosen my items for next month. I really want to try the organic breathe easy rub and soy candles and have been constantly stalking the site to see if they have come in stock yet. They have also announced that they are working on deodorant, so I can't wait to try that! I also hope the lip shimmer and scrub from the mothers day box means they are going to start carrying beauty products soon!