Friday, May 2, 2014

Klutch Club May 2014 Review

Klutch Club kindly sent us a box to review. If you aren't familiar with Kutch Club it's a subscription box service that sends 9-12 health and wellness products to you every month, and they guarantee a face value of at least $50. You get a mix of snacks, beverages, supplements, personal care products, and gift cards. It looks like you can choose between women's, men's, and mom options for the subscription service and they also have best of boxes (i.e. best of weight loss, best of kids) you can purchase separately. The service cost $10 a month + $8 shipping, or you can buy three months at a time for $9/mo+ $8 shipping, or six months for $8/mo + $8 shipping. I was looking forward to trying this box because I love getting healthy food in my box as well as organic or all natural.
I loved the packaging it came in! I looks like a shoe box.

This will be going in the gift basket as it is for men.

I hate tea so these will also go in the gift basket.

I am actually excited to try these! I am all about smoothies so hopefully these taste good! And they are organic!

I love these! I can never have enough disinfectant wipes, especially lemon scent! In the purse they go.
These were the first thing I tried. And I actually liked them. They are baked potato chips, so they have a slightly different texture than normal chips, kind of more airier. The flavor was pretty good. I would love to find them at a local grocery store.

I have received these in another box before I believe FabFitFun. You are suppose to take them before you drink. I haven't tried them yet, but I keep meaning to! Would have been great to try in Vegas.  

I wasn't sure what to think about this. I had to google what Raspberry Ketones was used for, and apparently Dr. Oz featured them on his show for weight loss. I am not buying into the hype at all! But I am wiling to try them to see if I see any difference.

I am willing to try this! I looks pretty yummy!
I love these cards!!!! They are a list of the dirty dozen and the clean 15. It basically tells you which produce it is highly recommended to buy organic, and which ones are the cleanest to not buy organic.These were interesting. They are chocolates with energy in them. I was expecting them to taste horrible, but they actually weren't bad. They had a very slight after taste. But I would try them again instead of an every drink.

The box was pretty heavy and this was why. I was excited to see a full drink sample. It's Tonga coconut water in Pacific Orange flavor. I am very excited to try this. Coconut water seems to be all the rage and I tried an unflavored one once and was not a fan but hopefully the flavor of this well make it taste good.

I just got back from a trip and went through the terrible hassle of getting my liquids to fit in a quart size back (what a joke!) per TSA requirements!! So I am very happy to see travel size shampoos! I will be using for next trip! They smell okay too!
I didn't bother to calculate the value of the products because they are all sample sizes. But overall I think it had a great value for $10! I would recommend  KlutchClub if you are looking for a health food box/supplement box for a bargain! I am very pleased with the quality of the products and the quantity of products for the price.