Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glossybox April 2014 Review

Last day of the month and GlossyBox finally arrived. I was hoping it would make it in time. But yes, this is one of the downsides to the company. They have shipping problems every other month. Almost consistently. But I still love getting my GlossyBox.
 I love getting the info cards. GlossyBox has a good info card with a summary.
 Bellapierre Cosmetics - Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink. This has natural ingredients, and is supposed to also have a natural lip plumper. I don't know enough about stuff to know what that could be from.
 Lasplash Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Sealer/Base - This is a sealer that makes your Eyeshadow waterproof.
 Caldrea Body Wash - Aloe Water Apricot. I was excited to see this, because I have heard good things about this brand. I have to admit, I was expecting it to smell way better than it actually does.
 Aqua Spa Relax Body Crème - Lavender and Chamomile - I'm allergic to at least one of these ingredients, so this is out. K was excited to see it though.
Ciate London Paint Pot Nailpolish- A week ago, I wouldn't have cared for this color, which by the way, I can't find a label for. But in the past week I have seen some nail art pics, that I am looking forward to trying to replicate on my own nails. I also picked up some nail art pens recently at Ulta, that will be needed for the project. I'll post if I ever get around to it and only if it turns out half as good as what I saw.

This hasn't been my favorite GlossyBox. But I am happy to see the Ciate London Paint Pot Nail Polish. I'm way too tired tonight to get any links added.