Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Review

I just received this nail polish as a sample, so I thought I'd write a review. The brand is Sinful Colors, which I have never heard of. The color is Tidal Wave, and although the pic doesn't do it justice, it's kind of like a Robins Egg blue. I love this color, we have been searching for this color this season. I did a quick search online and found a mauve color from this brand that I also loved.
Pros: The colors are great, the price is very budget friendly around $2, and the bottle is cute.
Cons: Very watery, you must apply several coats. The pic above is 3 coats, and I can still see through it in some spots as it did not apply evenly.

Verdict: If you have the patience to apply a lot of coats, then this is a great budget friendly option that has a variety of awesome colors. After all, not every nail polish can look great with just one coat like Dior does. If you prefer more quality, then stick with the top shelf name brands.