Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snoop Dog Fancy Box

I saw today on that Snoop Dog is now curating a new monthly subscription box. The box costs $42.00 (insert 420 jokes here) plus $7.95 for shipping, instead of the normal $39. It promises $80+ of products picked put by snoop dizzle himself. Also required to be over 18 to order, and this is the only Fancy Box I have seen that requires an age limit. Also there was a pretty in depth liability disclosure for the use of the items, so interpret how you will. I am still not entirely convinced it's not an April fool's joke but it's allowing me to put into cart. I don't think I'll be subscribing but curious to see what people receive. What do you think about the new celebrity curated box?

*UPDATE* Apparently it is shipping it's first box on 4/20, of course. So I am picking up on a common theme here...