Friday, April 11, 2014

Bill Nye Quarterly Company #NYE02 Review

My Second Bill Nye the Science Guy Quarterly Box arrived this week!!!!!! I wasn't too impressed with the face value of the first box, however there was so much interest in the last box I wanted to do another review and see what was in store for round two! I really love Bill Nye and I am a super fan so I was super excited to see open this box! This box is $50 and ships every quarter. With each box Bill Nye does a video to explain the items he chose if you would like to check it out you can HERE. I really liked being able to see the items in use without having to open them up. I really love how personally Bill Nye is taking his box, you can tell he really cares and puts thought into the products he selects!

As Bill states in his letter that he thought it would be fun to explore the science of the seasons, stating "inside  you will find some interesting activities that are representative of each juncture of our calendar year." How cute is the leaf packaging?!

NaturePrint Paper($4.60) - I was really excited to see this! This is sun-sensitive paper. Basically you place an object on it and then expose it to direct sunlight. The exposed paper turns white and the area that is shaded by the object remains blue. As stated on the company website "this photographic like images requires no ink, presses, photo equipment, dark room or chemicals!" I can't wait to try this with algae and fall leaves!

Awesome Autumn Book by Bruce Goldstone ($14.52)- This is a cute book. It has colorful photographs, fun facts, and craft ideas. While this isn't an item I will put to personal use, this is going to make a great Christmas gift for a kid in the family.

Insta-Snow Test Tube ($9.64)- This is instant snow. It's a powdered plastic material that expands when mixed with water and fluffs up like real snow. I love this! How fun will it be for kids to create snow in the summer! This will be going into the gift box, and I know one of the kinds in the family will have fun with this!

Mason Herb Garden Gift Set ($26)- This was by far my favorite item in the box! This is a kit to grow herbs at home! It comes with 4 mason jars, organic soil, perlite, pea pebbles, and the herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, and clover seeds). Once set up, it is a self-watering system, and all you have to do is water up to the rock line once a week. I am really hoping that it is this simple to maintain as they claim it is, as I have a brown thumb! I cannot wait to set this up in my kitchen!!

I thought that this was a fun box! I like that they chose a theme this time around and thought the products were fun and interesting. I calculated an overall value of $54.76. While this box didn't have a great value like other boxes, it did still introduce me to new products I didn't know about before. While most of the items will not go to personal use, I know they will be make great presents for the kids in the family. I think this would be a great box for a parent with a kid. I love the Herb Garden set and that made the whole box for me! I hope with future boxes they will reach a higher value with the items, and continue with the fun themes! What did you guys think about the box?