Monday, April 14, 2014

Beauty Bar Sample Society April 2014 Review

I have just received the Beauty Bar Allure Sample Society Box for April. Once again, I've gotten mine a day later than everyone else I know.

 Classic Black Box.
This is the handy little booklet that has tips. Nothing about the items included, just random beauty tips. This month I learned that it's best to apply your highlighter prior to applying your blush.

Tatcha Original Aburatorigami - Japanese beauty papers. I'm guessing this is facial oil blotting paper? I'm not totally sure. Which is why I wish they would include an info card. Well, that's how I intend to use it anyway. I like blotting paper primarily when I'm traveling, because I have such long days. So, I'll throw it in my airplane bag. Right next to my headphones.
 Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Cleansing Cream-Deluxe Sample  - Never heard of this brand. It's sealed and I plan to toss in the gift basket, so I'm unable to tell you about the fragrance.
H2O Plus Aquafirm Micro-Collagen Moisturizer Deluxe Sample  - I kind of like the H2O line. This moisturizer is for day or night. 
Illume Anemone 2oz. Tin- This little candle is cute, cute, cute. Until you open the tin and get a whiff of the overwhelming floral. No thank you. Burn time is up to 10 hours, which sounds pretty good for such a tiny little thing.

Butter London WINK Eye Pencil- Union Jack Black. I was not aware that Butter London made eyeliner. Always happy to see new eyeliners.

I paid $16.43, and I would say the value is more than that. The H2O moisturizer and the Butter London eyeliner are both over that amount. I'm sure the other items could be useful to somebody. This is my 2nd Sample Society box, and so far, I don't have anything to rave about. The only brand I have been really thrilled to see out of two boxes is Butter London. I'm not sure yet if this is my last or if I'm holding out for another month.