Monday, April 14, 2014

Porcelain Company - Porcelain Drops Review

It's time for another product review, and currently we are raving about Porcelain Company products.

If you haven't heard of porcelain company let me tell you a little bit. They are a second-generation family owned business that manufactures, bottles and distributes toilet drops, from their home base in Huntsville Alabama (it's a real place, I googled it). We have been testing the Porcelain Company Drops for about two weeks now. We thank porcelain company for providing the test samples.

Porcelain is the discreet solution to a natural occurrence. They are toilet drops that neutralize the gases and eliminate the odor that is generated during the bathroom experience. I mean, uh, generated by everyone else except me of course! I always smell pretty. Well... now I do! Because I now have a product that ensures this. When we first heard of this product, we just had to test this out ourselves!! Could a solution for an issue that every living thing creates really exist?? Turns out... yes.

The first thing we noticed is the product is very simple to use. You just apply two shakes of the solution for your bathroom experience. The solution coats the water and the odor just disappears. It really doesn't matter if you do this before, after, or during, it works at any time. I can state this as a fact. We prefer before because we found it to be more effective.
Porcelain comes in two sizes. The gift size bottle is 1.69 fl oz (50 ml). The travel size bottle is .27 fl oz (8 ml). We got two scents to try, Simpatico and Teal. I took the bigger Simpatico and the travel size teal is in my purse. K has the opposite. I like the bottles, they are simple and fairly discreet. I really like the fabric textured labels, and this is actually handy when digging through a purse.
 The travel size fits perfectly into my Vera Wang purse. It's about the size of a tube of lipgloss.
The gift size bottle fits nicely in your hand. It's not too big or heavy, which is good because that would discourage use. Also, the bottles are reusable, a nice glass that looks classy. I should also mention it is a strong glass because I have not had any issues with the travel size banging around in my purse.
Simpatico is the original fragrance, and the scent is fresh and clean. I prefer this flavor the most. Teal is a fruity tropical fragrance. K prefers this scent, and I think it's the most popular with her age group.
Porcelain company also sent us samples of the other flavors. Game Day - rich, bold, earthy, Belle - delicate, refreshing, lemony, and Day in the Country - wispy, crisp, outdoorsy. I like that they have different flavors, and when I go to purchase more I will be looking for Belle.

Gift size - $19.95
Travel size - $12.95
Shipping for two bottles ranges between $5 - $7, but comes in a bit more for Hawaii and Alaska.

The company states "We believe Porcelain is the next advancement in personal hygiene". I have to agree with them. My bathroom actually feels a little more sophisticated. In fact, I haven't been this excited for an item in my bathroom since I discovered towel warmers. I'm not sure I ever want to be without it. Especially not while traveling. Who of us has never been infringed upon in a shared or public restroom? Or how about that coworker you wished you had not taken a turn after. These drops let me forget that humans are not sweet smelling all the time like I want them to be.

I also should mention the drops are safe and will not damage, corrupt, or stain your toilet. Porcelain is biodegradable, skin safe, and approved for use in all septic systems. The drops were designed by an organic chemist, who was clearly a genius. Obviously.

You can find more information at their website.

I am thrilled to discover this product and will be getting more for my guest bathroom. We were not paid or solicited for our review. We are providing our opinions on this product because we like to share information when we find new and interesting items that others may find useful.