Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cate and Chloe May 2014 part 2 Review

I just received the Cate and Chloe May box, 2nd shipment. Looks like I might be back on track with shipments now, other than I never did receive a "welcome" package, whatever that might be.
I continue to love the pretty bow, and I like seeing the different colors each month, just classy.
The box inside also had a pretty bow.
Julie Youthful Bracelet - I love this bracelet and was hoping for one this month. I love the beads, the fluidity, it's a nice day piece, I'm happy with it.
 This is showing the clasp, it has three different rings so you can adjust it according to size. I never quite trust this type of clasp, I'm afraid it will slip off and I'll never notice. I'll be wearing for sure just to test this theory out.
 I wanted to see what it looked like on, and it's quite pretty.
This is the info card, telling about this months product. Valued at $99. I think their prices are way too high for this type of jewelry, and I would not be paying that for these pieces. But I do think this is a good value when participating in the monthly VIP program, since you get two pieces a month you pay about $20 each.
Cate and Chloe- $39.99 a month/ Receive one item every 15 days. Free shipping and they offer the freedom to exchange any item you don't love. And first month you sign up you receive a free bonus gift. You can use the discount code BrierReview20 to receive 20% off for the month to month sign up. Please use our name if you sign up, we get credit for referrals.