Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Honest Company Mothers Day Box Review

My Honest Company Mothers Day Box arrived this week! I was so excited for this box. It cost $50 but I was lucky to use a 40% off coupon so it cost me $35 with shipping. There are still more available but you better snag them up quick before they are gone! If you go to the page it is under the gift section.

I love the reusable wood box it came in!

A signed copy of the Honest Life!!!!!! I love this book! This book has great tips and information and isn't judgy or pushy at all. She even states that cloth diapers aren't practical for her and that many "earth-friendly" products don't work as well, so she strives to find effective solutions. I love her outlook and I love honest company.

Lip Shimmer in Pomegranate- This stuff is amazing! It smells great and has an awesome color! I really hope this means that they will start making beauty products!

Sea Salt and Sugar Scrub in Lavender Vanilla scent- I love the smell of this. It has a very light lavender scent and mom didn't even notice the lavender. It has like a honey scent to it. Can't wait to use this.

Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle- This smells amazing!!!! I hope they get more candles back in stock!

Organic Body Oil-So I ended up with a few bottles this month. My friend is loving this stuff so I am excited to try this.

I could not come up with a value for this box as many of the items were exclusive to this box, but it was worth the $30 purchase. I love the signed book the most, and loving all the exclusive items. If you want to purchase you can use my link here,