Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Style Box by SocialBliss May 2014 Review

Soo excited to get the Style Box by Social Bliss!! I'm way behind on reviews, but I couldn't wait to open this month.
 Hello Gorgeous! Tee Hee.  Never. Gets. Old.
Izzy and Ali Mini-Maven Coin Purse $39 - I was really hoping for a dark color, so I'm thrilled to get this. It has a really cute zipper handle, and feels good quality. This is perfect for storing smaller items in a bigger bag, which I tend to do when I'm at conferences and need a place for my lipgloss. 
The Crème Shop Purification Clothes $4 - these are cleansing towelettes with protein and brightening.
 MyTies Wrist Bliss Hair ties - $4 - This is a cream color with gold dots, and is really cute. Who doesn't need extra hair ties? Especially this time of year.
 The Crème Shop mini eyelash curler - $7 - This is a complete waste of space. I think you can curl one or two eyelashes at a time, I don't even think I understand this. It did come with extra pads though.
 Fusion Beauty Lift Fusion M tox cream $140 - can be used with or without moisturizer, day or night. This is basically a face serum. Which I love. Especially expensive ones. I'm extremely happy this is full size. This is my favorite item in the box.
The Spa Package - $15 - It says this comes with a headband, but I didn't see that, instead I saw a back loofah. I'm not overly impressed with this kit, although I do like getting loofahs and sponges.

I'm kinda liking this box. I paid $37.90 and the value is listed as $209.