Saturday, March 1, 2014

Glossybox February 2014 Review

A- Just received the February GlossyBox. The mailman was kind enough to bring straight to my door, as if he knew I was waiting on it. Both K and I get this one monthly, because it is one of our favorites! I'm not sure why mine was the only one delivered today, and hers is still half-way across the county! But I have been waiting all week for a box to arrive, so I'm thrilled to see this, even if it is March 1st. I took pictures this time with my IPhone, hoping I would get better quality. Sadly, that did not quite work, and I still have the flash showing. Sigh. I probably just need a basic photography class, but I have no plans to take one. On to the Review!  

K- I was super disappointed that mom got her box a week before me! So I got to watch her unbox. But mine finally came! 

A- As always, it comes in such a pretty (and reusable) box!

A- This is what I saw when I first opened it Love the info card, and especially the printed reminder this is the February box.

A- Anatomicals Puffy the eye bag slayer wake up under eye patches ($11) I have never heard of these, and wasn't quite sure what it was, so I pulled some info on this. The Anatomicals under eye patch is filled with vitamins and collagen to help reduce dark circles, reduce puffiness and is enriched with moisturising agents which help to prevent under eye aging. This set contains 3 X 6g sachets.

How to;
1 – Peel back the plastic liner from the packaging

2 – Apply the patches directly to your under eye on a nicely cleansed face

3 – For best results wear the patch for 30 minutes

4 – Gently remove the patches from your under eye.

These patches are disposable, do not reuse.

K- These were really cool! I am excited to try them!

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture in City of Angels ($18)
A- This is a really pretty pink color and really does look angelic. Lauren B. says they are the worlds best self-made manicure. This is a brand new line that is launching this spring. You can purchase online through their website. I also did a search and was unable to find any retailers near me. Which means it isn't officially out yet. I'm always thrilled to try new stuff, especially before it's hits retail, so I'm very happy to see this. It's supposed to be quick drying, high shine, and chip resistant.  Its also 5 free.

UPDATE: I have had a chance to try this nail polish now, and sadly, I'm not that impressed. I thought I would be because I loved everything about the bottle. It's classy. The color has applied exactly as it looks in the bottle, which is great. But there is something about the formula that is not quite on par with some of the other higher end brands I've tried. It applies thick enough, but after two thick coats I can still see the ridges in my nails. Possibly it's because of the light color, but I don't believe that is really the cause, because I never use more than two coats. Perhaps it's because of the 5 free formula? If anyone can tell me if there is any connection to that I would appreciate it. I think this looks prettiest in the bottle.

K- No! there is no connection mom! Butter London and Julep are both 5 free but amazing quality. I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, but looking at mom's nails I love the color and it's identical to the pink Butter London nail polish I own.

Pureology Serious Colour Care, Colour Fanatic (3.58)

A- The price listed is $24/ for full size 6.7 oz. The size we received this month is 1 oz. This spray is to prime, protect, and perfect color treated hair. I have checked out the website, and there are too many benefits/uses to list. It can be used as a leave in conditioner, blow dry spray, detangler, or anti-frizz. Paraben Free.

K- I can always use more protecting sprays because I straighten my hair everyday and do a lot of damage to my hair daily. I was especially happy to see it's specifically for color treated hair and that it is paraben free!!

RENU Lip and Eye Active Lift. $49
A- This cream smooth's fine lines, wrinkles, and reduces dark circles. I was unable to find a direct website for this, but I was able to discover that this particular product has won the Anti-aging Beauty Bible Award. I think this will nicely complement the anatomicals puffy eye bag slayer. How much sleep does GlossyBox think I'm missing? Well, I actually am behind on sleep because this week I've been reading my book every night (just can't put it down), so these products will definitely be useful!! To use, Apply a thin layer around the eye, relax for 10 minutes, remove with damp cotton pads. OR, you can let it absorb.

K- Instead of RENU cream I received the tinted lip balm and I was very happy! It smells great, has a great red tint to it, 100% natural and I use gloss way more than eye creams!

**update** I love this stuff!!!! The tint is a perfect dark pink for my fair skin!! I want more once it's gone!

Sumita Beauty Kala Color Intense Pencil. $15 
A- I almost missed this in the box, I'm embarrassed to say. It just kind of blended in with the paper shreds. It's basically black eyeliner, and is supposed to be long lasting. But what is really interesting about this is it's "ideal for the inner water line of the eye". I'm old enough to remember the days when we had to use a lighter to heat up our eyeliner, before we could get it to work on the inner water line. I'm happy girls these days don't have to go through that.

K- I love eye liner! Excited to try it!

K- The value of this month box comes to $96.58 (for the one with Renu instead of the lipgloss)! 

GLOSSYBOX is a monthly subscription that is $21/month. The value this month is around $100. GlossyBox might be a little late on shipping. But I can say they are consistent on including quality and interesting and useful products.

They have a program where you can earn glossydots. Once you collect 1000 glossydots you can receive a box for free. I am nowhere near that. If you are interested in ordering, and want to help me out, please shoot me an email, and I will send you a referral email. This will help me earn 200 glossydots, which is way more than my current balance. We have never received a free box, not from anyone, and I'm sure we will be way more excited than it merits when we finally get there.