Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beauty DNA - March 2014 Review

I recently found this subscription box. I need to tell you about this before I get to the pics and review of the month. Basically, Beauty DNA will send you one full size brand name beauty item each month, either skin, hair, or body. They are fairly new,  I am also under the impression they are not out of beta test phase yet. As of today, there are only 257 spots left to join Beauty DNA. It costs $25/month, no hidden shipping charges, and you get a brand name item each month that is worth way more. It automatically renews each month, so this is a subscription program.

There are several things really cool about Beauty DNA. You fill out a very in-depth survey about your preferences. The computer system figures out which products will be best for you, based on your preferences. This system is designed so that you will not receive the exact same item twice. Ever. Additionally, you will not receive the same type of item (e.g. shampoo), more than once a year. They will fill your cabinet up with full size brand name products. I'm loving this, and I've only gotten one item. I can't wait to see what they have for me next!

 Wrapped very nicely! I don't really know what the sticker said, I kinda ripped it right open.
rahaua Finishing Treatment -  $45 - I have never heard of this brand. I would most likely never spend $45 on a hair treatment, because I generally purchase Neutrogena. But I'm thrilled to have this and I know it will last awhile. K is anxious to try it to. It's helps rebuild elasticity levels, strengthens hair, smooth's, makes hair shiny and frizz free, and protects against thinning. You use it by applying to damp hair, particularly on the ends. I'm very happy with this. Not jumping up and down happy, but that's mostly because I don't know this brand and have never tried this. But I'm happy to have some hair stuff, which is what I asked for on my first box.  Particularly since I was ready to find something new to replace my almost out bottle of the other stuff I am currently using.

 This was by far the coolest part of this box. I thought this card was telling me about the product, like an info card. Well, it was. But it was also very personalized. It even had my name on it.
 On the inside of the card it tells me that I've been matched. And then tells me why this product is a match for me. For example, I have Lavender sensitivities, and this card lets me know there is No Lavender or algae extract. I don't remember specifying the last one, but I must of. I also love that my personal beauty consultant added her contact info, I can contact her anytime, because she would love to hear what I think. Awesome.

If you are interested in Beauty DNA, I recommend you sign up sooner rather than later, as space is limited.

Let us know what you think!