Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fancy Box Mystery Box Review

Fancy is offering Mystery Boxes for $10 + $7.95 for shipping. They are a one time purchase and you can choose between and Men and Women boxes. I was excited to try this because everyone was suppose to get something different and therefore I couldn't spoil it for myself like I always do!
Fancy Notebook Set ($12)- I really like these! They will be great little notebooks to have in my purse. 

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China Glaze (Platinum Silver) ($7.50)- I really like this color! Thinking of pairing it with my baby pink color.
LAEX Card Holder ($27)- I was not excited for this. I don't really see a use for this because I use a wallet, but I guess you could use it for going to the beach or something. It also says "Be Foolish" on it. I think that is a pretty dumb saying to have stamped on the holder containing your credit cards and drivers license. I also wouldn't pay $27 for it, maybe $2...wait not even then, maybe I would take it as a freebie as a bonus item at a store.
Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal ($20)- I saw a TON of these in everyone else's spoilers and was praying I wouldn't get this! But surprise surprise here it is! I swear Fancy has a whole warehouse of these and was excited to do the Mystery Boxes to clear them out of the warehouse because I have a feeling these are not flying off the shelves, especially at $20 a pop.

Overall the box had a retail value of $66.50 and I paid $17.95. I was a bit disappointed in this box. I saw other spoilers and people got some really cool stuff. I had my eye on a ciate nail set. In retrospective I don't think I would have paid what I did for this particular box, but it was fun to have no idea what I was going to get.  If you wanna grab a mystery box before they sell out you can go here and search for "mystery box". You can also use "FOLLOWUP10" to get 10% off any Fancy order.


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